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Mindless Self Indulgence - IfMindless Self Indulgence - If

It’s been a long wait for an official UK release for a Mindless Self Indulgence full length studio album, over the past few years the fans have been forced to import the bands material from America, well things have changed with the bands fourth studio album 'If' in the fact that it actually got a UK release which was also a whole day before it was released in America. If you have heard the bands album's 'Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy' and 'You'll Rebel To Anything' then you will know what to expect from 'If' as it is more of the same but just sounds more clearly produced, has a lot more melodies and is more upbeat.

Mindless Self Indulgence are well known for having short tracks that only go past the 3 minute mark if you are lucky, they also sing about the most random of things with really interesting lyrics that just need to be read. 'If' features the same formula, there are 21 tracks and they are all extremely fast, short tracks apart from the last two which happen to be long remixes of their current single 'Never Wanted To Dance'.

'Never Wanted To Dance' opens up 'If' and what an opening it is, the bands well known guitar/synth sound starts the song off and pretty soon after Jimmy Urine's vocals come in with a little bit of spoken word before the song erupts into pure madness with Jimmy Urine screaming along, with various synth sounds pouring out. It’s easy to see why the band chose 'Never Wanted To Dance' as the lead single from 'If' as it’s fast, furious, has elements of classic Mindless Self Indulgence and is the most radio friendly song the band have made.

Mindless Self Indulgence get straight down to business when it comes to their music, they stick to having short songs so you don’t get bored, the formula works very well on 'If' as each song is so easy to get into and before the song starts to get repetitive they have ended, this is something every band should take note of as there is nothing worse than having a really enjoyable song that ends up boring you due to it running for to long and getting repetitive.

There is so much fun to be had listening to 'If' and there are so many highlights, it's really hard to choose a favourite track due to the quality of each and every song, you will start to love a track and then the next listen you will end up loving a totally different track. Some of the main highlights from the album has to be 'Lights Out', 'Prescription', 'On It' and 'Issues'.

'Lights Out' is the third track on the album, it only runs for 2 minutes and 37 seconds and it is fast and furious and very punchy from the start, the chorus is extremely catchy with Jimmy singing "Punch your lights out Hit the pavement That's what I call entertainment" after a few listens these lyrics will take over your mind and be in your head for weeks to come.

'Prescription' is on the verge to being my favourite track from the album but my mind seems to change after each listen of the album. The song starts off with Jimmy saying "doctor" through the left speaker and then "patient" through the right speaker before going on to sing "I'm the doctor, I'm the patient Don't forget that, it's important If ya love me, like I love me Everybody will be sorry" the lyrics are fun, Jimmy's vocals are on top form and as catchy as ever and the whole song has such a upbeat vibe.

'On It' is quite an industrial sounding punk dance track, it opens up with a banging drum beat and some really fast sounding dance synths that come and go throughout the whole song, the lyrics are random with Jimmy singing about masturbating, having his face on the front of magazines and many other random subjects. The song just breaks into the 3-minute territory running at 3 minutes and 1 second.

'Issues' is a song about having sex with people, once again the lyrics are straight to the point with Jimmy singing "I'd rather fuck you than kiss you" and "It's 3 a.m. - she won't put out Lets go make out with her friends Make out with her friends' friends" and then he boasts about being amazing in the sack with lyrics of "I'm so amazing in the sack Yes, I'm so amazing in the sack". You have to love the randomness of Mindless Self Indulgence, they are a band who don’t give a fuck what they say or do, and who they upset, they create songs some people may find offensive but others will find funny and that is one of the reasons there is so much buzz around Mindless Self Indulgence at the moment.

At the moment Mindless Self Indulgence are one of the most hyped up bands, some people will claim it’s because they supported My Chemical Romance and because their bass player Lyn-Z is married to My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way, granted supporting a band of such a high caliber is going to be good for any band, but if you don’t have the goods and don’t deliver the goods then supporting a band of such a high caliber is not going to do you any good, Mindless Self Indulgence do have the goods, they sound good on cd but are best experienced live, their live shows are huge, they sound exactly as they do on cd live but the overall live experience is very enjoyable and unpredictable with no two shows being the same.

'If' is a masterpiece and an album that Mindless Self Indulgence should be proud of, the band have taken punk into the 20th century and are taking their music into the mainstream, it’s a big step for them, but it’s something they deserve and will go on to conquer, there will be no escaping MSI in the near future.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members

Little Jimmy Urine (Vocals)
Steve, Righ? (Guitar)
Lyn Z (Bass)
Kitty (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. Never Wanted To Dance
2. Evening Wear
3. Lights Out
4. Prescription
5. Issues
6. Get It Up
7. Revenge
8. Animal
9. Mastermind
10. On It
11. Pay For It
12. Due
13. Money
14. Bomb This Track
15. Mark David Chapman
16. Uncle (Bonus)
17. 3s (Bonus)
18. Electro Hurtz Mix By Combichrist (Bonus Remix)
19. The Birthday Massacre Remix W/ Guest Vocals By Chibi (Bonus Remix)
20. Tommie Sunshine [Tsmv] Remix (Bonus Remix)
21. Spider Mix (Bonus Remix)
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