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Pilgrim Fathers - Short Circular Walks In The Hope ValleyPilgrim Fathers - Short Circular Walks In The Hope Valley

I have to say Pilgrim Fathers are one hell of a strange band, they have just signed to Undergroove Records and are just about to release their debut album 'Short Circular Walks In The Hope Valley' upon on the world and the best way to describe the album is adventurous, random and extremely odd.

The album opens with 'Ballad Of The Trojan Elephant', it starts off with a wide mixture of soundscapes and Marilyn Manson style drowned out vocals and then out of no where the song explodes into a mad mix of loud sounds and vocals and before you know it they have gone and the song goes into yet another direction, the song is so progressive it sounds like more than 1 song, but this is something you are going to have to get used to if you are going to enjoy the Pilgrim Fathers, they are extremely random and don’t keep to the same sound through any of their songs.

It’s pointless me writing about the tracks on the album as they all feature different soundscapes and go off on their own creative direction that changes many times throughout each and every track, I will say the bands music is heavily instrumental based and the sounds they come up with are very diverse and aren’t the easiest of sounds to get into.

'Short Circular Walks In The Hope Valley' is an album that takes a lot of time, effort and patience to fully enjoy and get anything out of it, it’s not like your average album where you get say 6 good tracks, 2 outstanding tracks and a couple of fillers, instead you either enjoy the album or you don’t, words don’t do the Pilgrim Fathers any justice what so ever, they are a band that you need to check out for yourselves as they really are that crazy sounding.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Pilgrim Fathers - Band

Shelf (Vocals)
Stephen Averill (Bass)
Feg (Guitar)
Kev Richardson (Drums)
Dan Gardner (Cosmic Sounds)
 Track Listing
1. Ballad Of The Trojan Elephant
2. Old Man Time In The Rivers Of Rhyme
3. Gold, Gold!
4. Great North Road
5. Nine Hands Of The Octopus
6. Cosmic Space Lazers
7. Dog Yoghurt
8. Fitfull Of Bags (Full Of Riffs)
9. Ultimate Attack Helicopters
10. The Edwardian Astronaut
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