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Mainline - From Oblivion To SalvationMainline - From Oblivion To Salvation

I have only just come across Mainline, they are a five piece band from Italy and have been together for a massive eight years but due to the lack of Italian music bursting out of Italy in recent years the band are yet to make an impact in the UK. Mainline could easily fit into the nu metal genre and also the hardcore genre as they have both types of sounds within their music. The best way to describe their music is Killswitch Engage mixed with The Sorrow, which is quite positive as both bands have a quality sound.

The debut album 'From Oblivion To Salvation is immensely brutal, frontman Maurizio Lazzaroni's vocals are at the top of the game, they are very clean clear sing along Killswitch Engage style vocals in places and in other places they are shouty screams, he makes use of his voice in the best possible way changing his style throughout most songs. The guitars are where Mainline really kick arse, the guitars are chilled out in places and in others the dual assault of guitars is very loud and brutal with some extremely meaty riffs thrown in now and again, the drums are loud and constant and totally fit in, the bass is mainly taking a back running with the guitars totally shining over it but in places the twangy bass lines do stand out.

Opening track 'Soul Extraction Assay' is a short track full of chilled out soundscapes, nothing much happens throughout the track, but by the end of the track it’s built up ready for the explosive introduction of 'Brilliance Of Shadow', the thick guitar riffs and loud, the drumming is the perfect opening and sets the pace for the next 50 minutes.

There are some really immense tracks on offer throughout the album such as 'Lacerate', 'Set Free' and 'Keepin My Disease'. 'Lacerate' is a song that takes a lot of time to build up but when it does it’s extremely brutal with mad guitar riffs taking over the airwaves and frontman Maurizio Lazzaroni pretty much screaming his lungs out. 'Set Free' is completely nuts from the start with extremely loud instrumental work and raw as fuck vocals. The opening ‘stoppy starty’ guitar riff on 'Keepin My Disease' builds up to be an impressive bit of work, the vocals come in thick and fast but soon turn melodic and keep swapping throughout the song.

Mainline are quite an impressive band and wouldn’t look to out of place hitting the road with Killswitch Engage, as they have so much in common with them sound wise, so if you like Killswitch Engage seriously think about giving Mainline a listen


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Mainline - Band

Mao (Vocals)
Ale (Drums)
Baru (Bass)
Flavio (Guitar)
Ste (Guitar)
 Track Listing
1. Soul Extraction Assay
2. Brilliance Of Shadow
3. Boundless
4. Emphatize With Your Enemy
5. One By One
6. Lacerate
7. 9 Gone
8. Hidden Truth
9. RIP
10. Set Free
11. Distress
12. Keeping Disease
13. Chain
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