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The Zutons - Always Right Behind YouThe Zutons - Always Right Behind You

The Zutons are an extremely talented band from Liverpool who have a massive following, their second album 'Tired Of Hanging Around' went multi platinum and gave The Zutons their fair share of chart success with 'Why Won't You Give Me Your Love?' and 'Valerie' hitting the top 10 of the official UK singles chart and if that’s not good enough Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse reworked 'Valerie' and the song is still hanging in the charts after all this time. The third studio album from The Zutons 'You Can Do Anything' will be released on the 2nd June but before the release of the album the band will release a brand new single 'Always Right Behind You'.

'Always Right Behind You' is exactly what you would expect from The Zutons, it’s fast, it’s upbeat, it’s original, it has a spiky poppy indie sound and the overall feel that will have you dancing your socks off and feel like rays of sunshine are beaming down on you even on those dull winter days. The Zutons have always succeeded at creating catchy songs where everything sounds so good and 'Always Right Behind You' is no different at all, the lyrics are extremely infectious, the guitar riffs are beautifully executed and the song brings out such a happy vibe.

The first album release by The Zutons 'Who Killed The Zutons' helped the band make a name for themselves, their second studio album 'Tired Of Hanging Around' fired them into the big league of bands with support slots with some of the biggest stadium rock bands, with the release of their third album just around the corner and a come back single that takes off from exactly where they left off and not to forget the huge forest tour the band are due to embark on during June 2008 is going to be the biggest year for The Zutons yet.


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 Band Members
The Zutons - Band
Abi Harding (saxophone)
David McCabe (vocals, guitar)
Russell Pritchard (bass)
Sean Payne (drums)
 Track Listing
1. Always Right Behind You
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