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Late of the Pier  The Bears Are ComingLate of the Pier – The Bears Are Coming

How awesome is this, really? A funky tribal jungle electro beat, with a deep rumbling bass-line beneath, and modern indie vocals over the top. Quite a beautiful blend, I'll argue. Then, half way through it momentarily transforms, into a slightly more theatrical number. But all in all, this is fucking mental. It's like Banjo Kazooie from the N64 have decided to release a single. Proper mental. Strange squeaks and beeps left right and centre, even the sound of a spoon clinking a tea mug, and a glass breaking. It's all in here. Possibly the most fun-filled track I've heard this year. What a laugh. I bloody love it.

The single also features a radio edit and instrumental- pretty self explanatory.


Review by Thom
 Band Members
Late Of The Pier - Band
Samuel Eastgate
Andrew Faley
Sam Potter
Ross Dawson
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1. The Bears Are Coming
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