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My Awesome Compilation - FrontiersMy Awesome Compilation - Frontiers

I first came across My Awesome Compilation when they supported Alkaline Trio in August 2005 at the Astoria in London and at the same time there was a lot of hype surrounding the band, they had an average following that was forever growing, they landed support slots on some big tours and had just released their debut full length album 'Actions' which then lead to some major record labels sniffing around them, things were all good and then suddenly it seemed like My Awesome Compilation fell off the side of the earth, the band that was once so hyped up seemed to never be around much with only the odd tour cropping up every now and again in the toilet sized venues of the UK and to be honest I forgot all about the band until now.

The band are now back with their second full length studio album 'Frontiers', the album has been produced by Hundred Reasons guitarist Larry Hibitt who seems to be producing some stunning records these days, but has he done the right job with 'Frontiers'? Well if the debut single 'Ghosts Of The Underground' is anything to go by then the answer is yes, the single is a great come back single for My Awesome Compilation, it’s extremely catchy yet quite rocky at the same time and will hopefully remind people who My Awesome Compilation are.

As for the rest of the album, it’s not bad, musically My Awesome Compilation have improved, they have gone for a much darker direction, but have still kept the groove and catchiness of their earlier material, the guitars have been turned up a notch with big guitar riffs all over the place and some of the drumming is really hard hitting especially on the last few moments of 'Deal Me In' and also during the intro of 'The Theatre Room'.

The opening track of the album 'Ref Is For Danger' is a stomping track, it’s extremely catchy, the vocals have a proper in your face sing a long assault about them and the instrumental work is quite loud and rocking with guitar riffs popping up all over the place.

If you only have time to check out one song by My Awesome Compilation, make sure it’s 'Accelerate', the song is about a car chase and is such a hard hitting song that will leave you with neck pains from near 3 minutes of head banging you are bound to do during this song, it’s certainly the heaviest and loudest song My Awesome Compilation have created and is a direction I am liking the band taking. The album finishes with 'Save Yourself', the song is the closest thing you are going to get to classic My awesome Compilation material on this album.

My Awesome Compilation have taken a totally different approach with 'Frontiers' and have created a much more darker, rockier album, there are some really cracking songs on offer and in my opinion the album is better than their previous album 'Actions' but that’s just a matter of opinion. Fans who have been with My Awesome Compilation from the start should appreciate the change in music, but only time will tell if the release of 'Frontiers' will bring them the success that 'Actions' didn’t quite manage.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
My Awesome Compilation - Band
Chris Driver (Vocals, Guitar)
Darius Cobb (Bass, Vocals)
Woody Cobb (Keys, Vocals)
Andy Driver (Drums)
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