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Wednesday 13 - SkeletonsWednesday 13 - Skeletons

You have to give it to Wednesday 13, he is a complete workaholic who is constantly on the road touring or in the studio working on his next release. Wednesday first found success in 1996 when he formed a band called the Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13, the band were quite an underground band who released 4 albums and various different ep's and single's in their time but never quite found the mainstream success they deserved, the band were majorly inspired by horror B-movies and the Misfits very own horror punk sound. Wednesday broke up the Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 back in 2002 after Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison approached him to start a new band and before you knew it Wednesday 13 was fronting a new band called the Murderdolls, the band had an all star line up of people who have had their fair share of success in other projects, the Murderdolls went and took the world by storm with their one and only album 'Beyond The Valley Of The Murderdolls' and toured the world over until they split at the start of 2004 due to band members regrouping for projects with their other bands.

When The Murderdolls came to an end Wednesday 13 decided to go it alone and became a solo artist, he released his debut solo album 'Transylvania 90210 Songs Of Death Dying And The Dead' in 2005, the album was a classic and put Wednesday 13 on the map as a talented solo artist, in 2006 Wednesday released his second solo album 'Fang Bang', the album was more of the shame formula but quite a let down at the same time, it’s now been 18 months since Wednesday's last album release and he is now back on the scene with his third full length album 'Skeletons' and new record deal which see's Wednesday release his first album on demolition Records D2 label and not Roadrunner Records like his previous releases.

'Skeletons' is a harder hitting album than Wednesday's previous solo releases, the album has a personal theme about it with quite dark lyrics which are still partly about horror movies and scary things but also quite personal and delves into Wednesday’s personal life such as about his almost life ending depression. Everything about the album is heavier than his previous outings, the guitars are loud, solid and heavy, the drums are hard hitting and stand out nicely, the vocals are what you would expect from Wednesday just a bit more raw and shouty, but don’t start to worry Wednesday hasn’t ditched the catchy sound that goes along with his songs, it’s still here just in a heavier way.

From the first few seconds of the opening track 'Scream Baby Scream' you will notice the shear heaviness and darkness that is on offer on this album, it starts off with some constant loud drumming and Wednesday's ghoulish sounding vocals and before you know it the song goes completely spastic with a mad assault of drumming, meaty guitar riffs and screams aplenty, the lyrical content is what you expect from Wednesday with him singing about burying the living and the usual ghost and goblins theme.

Songs like 'Not Another Teenage Anthem', 'Gimmie Gimmie Bloodshed' and 'From Here To The Hearse' are some of the best songs Wednesday 13 has ever created, they are all huge sounding and so good in their own way. 'Not Another Teenage Anthem' sounds like a classic Wednesday 13 song, just that slight bit heavier and full of killer guitar solo's. The catchiness of 'Gimmie Gimmie Bloodshed' is enough to excite any Wednesday 13 fan, the chorus is huge and such a repetitive sing a long moment that you won’t forget in a hurry. It’s hard to pick a standout moment from the album as there are so many great moments and your favourite song is bound to change the more you listen to the album, but I have to say 'From Here To The Hearse' is one of the main highlights on the album, it has hit single written all over it, it’s extremely radio friendly and is one of the catchiest songs Wednesday has ever done, seriously if this song doesn’t make you a fan of Wednesday 13 then nothing will.

The album title track 'Skeletons' is such a good track, it’s a lot different than the majority of the album, the guitar work is truly amazing and Wednesday's vocals are right in your face and extremely shouty, the lyrical theme in the song is also a winner. The album finishes with the loud but catchy 'Dead Carolina' the song is a great finish to the best album of Wednesday's solo career.

Wednesday has been through a lot of good and bad throughout his life so far and the bad has helped Wednesday create the best solo album he has ever made, 'Skeletons' is an outstanding release and a release that I certainly wasn’t expecting to be this good. The album features 11 tracks and I can’t find a fault within any of them. Everything about the album from the music to the lyrics and the vocals is so spot on. You can clearly tell that Wednesday has taken time away to think about things and has put his all into 'Skeletons'.


Review by Trigger
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Wednesday 13 - Band
Wednesday 13 (vocals, guitar)
 Track Listing
1. Scream Baby Scream
2. Not Another Teenage Anthem
3. Gimmie Gimmie Bloodshed
4. From Here To The Hearse
5. Put Your Death Mask On
6. Skeletons
7. My Demise
8. With Friends Like These
9. No Rabbit In The Hat
10. All American Massacre
11. Dead Carolina
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