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Ida Marie - StellaIda Marie - Queen Of The World

The 23 year old Norwegian singer-songwriter that is Ida Maria is having the time of her life at the moment, since she has only been on the English music since for the past 6 months and in that time she has already released 3 top singles, from the ever so catchy and loud 'Oh My God' to the more toned down sound of 'Drive My Heart Away' and finally 'Stella' a catchy song about giving the world away to a 43 year old prostitute. Now from the theme of 'Stella' you can tell that Ida's lyrics are random and witty at the same time and something that not many people would think about writing about and this is the creativeness that I really love about Ida Maria.

Ida Maria is now planning on releasing her 4th single 'Queen Of The World', a song that many people can relate to, the song is about drinking and getting so drunk that you are so confident and feel that you are the best at everything hence the title of the track. The opening lyrics for the song has Ida begging for some Whiskey and before you know it the song reaches a really catchy peak with Ida singing "Im the queen of the world, I bump into things, I spin around in circles, and I am singing, and I am singing, im singing, im singing, why cant I stay like this". The song is proper floor filler and one that will have the crowd jumping and spinning around at Ida's shows.

Things are currently going well for Ida Maria, she has a lot of hype surrounding her at the moment, each of her single releases have been quite outstanding and she has a killer live show to match her sound on record. Her debut full length album is due for release in the summer and this will really be the moment that will make or break Ida Maria, keep your ears peeled as I’m sure we will be hearing a lot more from her in the future.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Ida Maria - Band
Ida Maria (guitar, vocals)
Johannes Lindberg (bass,backing vocals)
Olle Lundin (drums, backing vocals)
Stefan Törnby (lead guitar, backing vocals)
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1. Queen Of The World
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