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Walls Of Jericho - RedemptionWalls Of Jericho - Redemption

Most people know and love Walls Of Jericho for the fact that they are a 5-piece band that is fronted by a female under the name of Candace Kucsulain who has the hectic screamo vocals to rival many other females in the screamo/hardcore scene and also the leading men in the scene. Walls Of Jericho are now back on the scene with a brand new EP which is totally unlike anything they have made before, this time around the band have taken a totally different approach and taken on the idea of making an acoustic EP, this is something which may come as a shock to some of the bands fans and will come as a pleasant surprise to others.

The new EP called Redemption is produced by Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor and was recorded at Corey Taylor's Iowa home, the EP features 5 new Walls Of Jericho songs, 3 of which Corey Taylor co-sings on.

Redemption opens with an extremely mellow introduction on 'Ember Drive' and before long Candace Kucsulain's chilled out sing a long vocals come in which run up to the dual chilled out mixed vocals from both Candace and Corey Taylor which works really well sung at the same time, The song slightly reminds me of Stone Sour but I’m still not sure if that’s because it features Corey Taylor's vocals or because of the acoustic guitar sounds.

'My Last Stand' is vocally one of the strongest tracks on the EP, Candace's singing voice really does shine here and could easily match the vocal skills of other front lady's such as Tarja and Amy Lee who have both sung in such a chilled out way. 'No Saving Me' is another vocally stunning song and the acoustic instruments are soothing.

The band do an acoustic cover of the classic song 'House Of The Rising Sun', the song is about a life that has gone wrong in New Orleans and has been covered many times in the past by both male and female fronted bands. I have always liked the song and think Walls Of Jericho pull it off so well, Candace's vocals really brings the song to life.

The EP closes with 'Addicted' another one of the songs that features Corey Taylor’s vocals, his vocals here are really chilled out and soothing and quite unlike the vocals you have heard from him in the past, the song is the most upbeat song on the EP even though it is still quite chilled out but the acoustic guitar playing really does up its tempo the longer the song goes on and the duel vocals become louder in a sing a long fashion.

Redemption is a project that Walls Of Jericho have been thinking of doing for over six years now and I bet they are extremely excited and proud that they have finally carried off the project, the band have always had singing vocals in their previous material but it was always hard to pick out over the fast loud assault of music and screams, I have always been a fan of acoustic music and it’s such a pleasure to hear a band of Walls Of Jericho's caliber carrying off this sound and it shows what talented musicians they are being able to carry off their well known screamo sound as well as a more chilled out sing a long sound. Most people should find this EP fun and breathtaking as the band have shown a new depth of creativity and a totally new sound, but if you are one of the fans who can’t adapt to the sound don’t worry as the bands next full length studio album is out in only a few months time.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Walls Of Jericho - Band
Candace Kucsulain (Vocals)
Chris Rawson (Guitar)
Mike Hasty (Guitar)
Dustin Schoenhofer (Drums)
Aaron Ruby (Bass)
 Track Listing
1. Ember Drive
2. My Last Stand
3. No Saving Me
4. House Of The Rising Sun
5. Addicted
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