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Johnny Panic - DislocationJohnny Panic - The Rebel

'Dislocation' was the first single that Johnny Panic released from their album 'The Good Fight', the song was quite a hard hitting song with melodic vocals running through it. Johnny Panic are now back and gearing up to release 'The Rebel' which is their second single from their The Good Fight album.

'The Rebel' is totally different from the bands previous single release and is more of a radio friendly single in the way that the song is one of the most melodic songs Johnny Panic have released. The guitar work building up to the extremely infectious chorus is top stuff and the chorus itself can’t be faulted.

The b-side to the single is 'Hurt (I See You Around)’, now this is a big departure from the Johnny Panic sound we are well used to, the song is extremely stripped down and has a nice acoustic feel to it, which gives frontman Rob Solly time to shine fully out in front with his vocals.

Johnny Panic are an talented band and you can clearly tell that they are influenced by some of the best bands in the rock scene at the moment, the only problem that Johnny Panic have is the fact these influences are so much better, however 'The Rebel' is well worth checking out.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Johnny Panic - Band
Rob Solly (Vocals,Guitar)
Jonny Shock (Drums)
Sean Mannion (Bass, Vocals)
Matt James (Guitars, Vocals)
 Track Listing
1. The Rebel
2. Hurt (I See You Around)
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