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Pennywise - Reason To BelievePennywise - Reason To Believe

Pennywise formed back in 1988 and it took the band till 1991 to ink a deal with Epitaph Records and release their debut album, since the seventeen years Pennywise have been together they have released 8 studio albums and sold well over three million albums across the world. Pennywise have always stayed true to themselves and have made a career out of pretty much the same sound, each Pennywise record sounds quite like the last, the band tend to not stray away from their well known sound and this is something people have been criticizing the band for for some time now, but I like to think if it isn’t broken don’t fix it and that’s exactly what Pennywise are doing.

The band are now back on the punk rock scene with their ninth studio album Reason To Believe, the album has been produced by longtime Pennywise fan and seasoned producer Cameron Webb and is being released on the bands long time label Epitaph, the band have also teamed up with myspace which will see the album released for free on the social networking site for a limited time.

You can spot a Pennywise song from a mile off, all you need is to hear the opening guitar riffs or the vocals of Jim Lindberg and you will instantly know you are listening to Pennywise and that is exactly how the bands new album just a lot more melodic than on their previous albums.

The album opens up with '(Intro) As Long As We Can' which starts off with a long instrumental introduction of constant fast drumming and powerful guitar riffs and before you know it the bands signature fast as fuck sound comes in the guitars and are played at an extremely fast pace and frontman Jim Lindberg's fast paced melodic vocals kick in, the song is exactly what you would expect from Pennywise and would easily be in the top 10 of best Pennywise songs.

The fast and heavy opening drum beats of 'One Reason' is immense, it’s a heavy moment you will find yourself skipping back to time and time again, the vocals start off sounding quite different than what you would expect from Pennywise but as the chorus builds up Jim Lindbergs vocals sound as bright as ever.

The most outstanding song on Reason To Believe has to be the huge 'Something To Live For'. The song starts with a huge fast assault of drums and guitars which is the start of an extremely fast melodic 2minutes 38seconds, the chorus is big and very sing a long and the overall song sounds very tight and well produced.

The instrumental work on the album is stunning, the band seem to be able to play everything at 100mph and not get tired or bored, even though the band have been knocking out the same riffs for their whole career, it still sounds fresh and goes down really well.

If you are a hardcore Pennywise fan then you will know what to expect from Reason To Believe and will love the album, if you are a passer by who has never heard the band then you could easily become hooked on Pennywise and if you are one of the people who are tired of the band playing the same sound for nearly 20 years then you are really wasting your time reading this review and have to think that the band must be doing something right to still be able to make a living in the music industry many years after they first formed.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Pennywise - Band
Jim Lindberg (Vocals)
Fletcher Dragge (Guitar) Randy Bradbury (Bass)
Byron McMackin (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. (Intro) As Long As We Can
2. One Reason
3. Faith And Hope
4. Something To Live For
5. All We Need
6. The Western World
7. We'll Never Know
8. Confusion
9. Nothing To Lose
10. It's Not Enough To Believe
11. You Get The Life You Choose
12. Affliction
13. Brag, Exaggerate & Lie
14. Die For You
15. Next In Line (BONUSTRACK)
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