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NOFX - Wolves In Wolves ClothingNOFX - Wolves In Wolves' Clothing

NOFX are back with their tenth studio album 'Wolves In Wolves' Clothing' and it seems that the band have moved on from their topics about politics, 'Bush' and the war etc, and have moved back to the old days of sex, drugs and drink.

The album is 18 tracks long and pure, fast, punk rock. Pretty much every track on the album is a good catchy singalong song. 'USA-Holes' starts with a great bass line before Fat Mike's vocals fire in. 'Seeing Double At The Triple Rock' is the bands new single and is a fast singalong song which happens to be the poppiest song on the album; which is no way a bad thing. 'The Marxist Brothers' sees NOFX changing the sound of the band for one song. They move away from the fast punk there known for and come up with a ska sounding song thats speeds up towards the end. 'The Man I Killed' is an fantastic track. It starts with a simple intro' and 'Fat Mike's' classic vocals.

The album also has a couple of strange tracks such as 'Cool And Unusual Punishment' which is about being forced to listen to Japanese punk for punishment. It's a pretty random topic for a song but is a good sing a long song. And 'Cantado En Espanol' is another very strange track. 'Instant crassic' is pretty random aswell but typical NOFX homour singing about swimming in a sea of pee etc.

Overall, 'Wolves In Wolves' Clothing' is not the best NOFX album release but it is typical NOFX. Full of catchy tracks and a few odd sounding tracks for variety.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
NOFX - Band
Fat Mike (Vocals & Bass)
El Hefe (Guitar & Vocals
Eric Melvin (Guitar)"
Erik Sandin (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. 60%
2. USA Holes
3. Seeing Double At The Triple Rock
4. We March To The Beat Of A Indifferent Drum
5. The Marxist Brothers
6. The Man I Killed
7. Benny Got Blowed Up
8. Leaving Jerusalem
9. Getting High On The Down Low
10. Cool And Unusual Punishment
11. Wolves In Wolves Clothing
12. Cantado En Espanol
13. 100 Times Fuckeder
14. Instant Crassic
15. You Will Lose Faith
16. One Celled Creature
17. Door Nails
18. 60% (Reprise)
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