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No Machine - Self Titled EPNo Machine – A Terrible Thing

I have been a big fan of No Machine ever since I got hold of their debut 5 track promo EP, the band have a really laid back easy listening prog rock sound and you can clearly see that they are influenced by Marillion, a band that No Machine openly admit they are very fond of.

The bands debut album 'A Terrible Thing' is an 11 track prog rock masterpiece that is so easy on the ear, it leaves you wanting to hear more from No Machine when the outro of the final track 'Diamond Ring' fades out. If you were lucky enough to get hold of a copy of the bands debut self titled EP then you will already have heard 5 of the tracks that are included on the bands album, the albums artwork was designed and made by legendary artist Mark Wilkinson who is a well known artist who has done artwork for Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and also worked on the long running Judge Dread cartoon books.

The album opens up with the title track 'A Terrible Thing' where spacey sounding keyboard sounds start off giving the song a long sci-fi feel introduction and before you know it, the guitars kick in along with the constant drumming, Vocalist Al Rivers vocals come in loud, powerful and clear. The song is extremely easy listening and the kind of song that anyone can pick up and become hooked on, the song is full of catchy melodies and this is how the album runs pretty much the whole way through.

'I Get Down' starts off with a really fast upbeat keyboard introduction that really runs the song, the guitar riffs are quite noticeable and are not to heavy nor to mellow, Al Rivers vocals once again really shine, 'I Get Down' is definitely a song that would be more appreciated played live and would get some movement in the pit.

The first single to come of A Terrible Thing was 'Tell Me' the song is really laid back and features some of the best guitar riffs on the album, the guitar solo is mouthwatering and the overall laid back feeling over the song would call for arm swaying and lighters in the air at the bands shows.

There are some really good stand out moments on A Terrible Thing with the first being 'I Choose You' the song is extremely catchy and shows the band at their best instrumentally and vocally, everything about 'I Choose You' is great, its quite a laid back song but really is catchy and radio friendly at the same time, 'I Choose You' is shouting out to be released as a single and No Machine would be silly not to release this song.

Another highlight on the album has to be the glam rock ‘wannabeeness’ of 'Divine' the band have created a classic song here with a really kick arse chorus of "Divine my love, define my love, divine my love, defy my love", once you have heard 'Divine' a couple of times there will be no escaping the chorus.

The softest sounding song on the album has to be 'Elevator' and there is something about it that sounds so beautiful, the guitars and bass are quite faded out, they are noticeable but only just and you are left with the beautiful keyboard sound and Al Rivers vocals that really drive the song. 'Sha La La Lady' is another chilled out song and is the weakest song on the album which took me a few listens to get into.

'The Races' brings back the bands upbeat sound, the song is epic and catchy, the guitar riffs are dark, and the synths and keyboard work really adds to the songs overall feels, however it’s the razor sharp catchy chorus that stands out the most. 'Sunshine (Ain't No Friend Of Mine)' is a dark, jazz pop rock song.

The album closes with 'Diamond Ring' the same song closed the bands EP, the song is a good end to the album and finishes with a choir singing through the outro.

No Machine aren’t a band for everyone, however they are extremely talented and you can tell that they put everything into their music, Al River's vocals is what really stands out the most to me, they are extremely energetic, loud and clear and he’s not afraid to change his vocal style from time to time. If you like easy listening rock music then you will more than love No Machine as the band have an overall chilled out sound that is full of emotion that gets the message across in the best possible way. I Know 'A Terrible Thing' hasn’t long been released but I hope the wait for a new No Machine album isn’t long especially considering the band have many songs written that we are still yet to hear.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
No Machine - Band
Al Rivers (Vocals)
Emil Rivers (Piano)
Fred (Guitar)
Joca (Drums)
Pedro (Bass)
Daniel (Organ, Synths)
 Track Listing
1. A Terrible Thing
2. I Get Down
3. Tell Me
4. I Choose You
5. Divine
6. Elevator
7. Sha La LA Lady
8. The Races
9. Sunshine (ain't no friend of mine)
10. There Are Forces
11. Diamond Ring
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