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The Outline - Sloppy Drunk.The Outline - Sloppy Drunk

I have only just come across The Outline, despite the fact that the band have been together for many years and have toured with the likes of My Chemical Romance, Saosin, Panic At The Disco and maybe other well established bands. They are a four piece from Los Angeles and are releasing their debut single 'Sloppy Drunk' in the UK at the start of April.

'Sloppy Drunk' is a great song that really does rock out, the biggest highlight of the song is Graham Fink's vocals which change in style a few times throughout the whole song, with each variance of vocals sounding as different yet as good as the last. The drumming throughout the song is also quite outstanding with Ryan Rabin's drumming standing out loud clear and energetic. The guitars are quite bouncy sounding and the bass stands out from the guitars.

The Outline released their debut album 'We'll Build Around It' in the USA back in 2006, 'Sloppy Drunk' is taken from this album and the album is also being released in the UK a month after the single. 'Sloppy Drunk' is a great single which makes you wonder why it’s taken the band the best part of two years to make a release in the UK.


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