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Meleeh - Heartland.Meleeh - Heartland

Meleeh are a five piece hardcore band from Sweden who formed back in 2004, the band are heavily influenced by Children Of The Fall as well as many other varied bands and music styles. The band are quite heavy and having opted for really loud aggressive screamo vocals which is best compared to Thursday front man Geoff Rickly's vocals on the bands earlier material.

The EP is eight tracks long which is just about enough to get a taster of what Meleeh are all about. 'Angstridden' opens the EP with some really powerful guitar riffs, the drums kick in sounding quite tinny and soon after the vocals come in but sound like they have either been recorded under water or the producer messed up, either way luckily enough the vocals don’t sound bad for long as the aggressiveness soon comes in.

'Where Demons Hunt' has a really killer instrumental introduction and this is where frontman Thomas Floren's vocals really do shine and sound quite chaotic in the aggressive nature. The EP closes with 'Black Blizzard' a song that is straight up hardcore rock with some really memorable riffs.

After listening to the EP a few times you will notice that Meleeh are a band who don’t piss about and don’t mix genres, the band claim to be a hardcore band and that’s exactly what they sound like from start to finish, there is no genre crossovers and you get exactly what it says on the tin, if you are looking for an aggressive half an hour then look no further than 'Heartland' as the Swedish boys Meleeh have made just that.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Meleeh - Band
Thomas (Guitar)
Fredrik (Drums)
Björn (Guitar)
Thomas (Voicals)
David (Bass)
 Track Listing
1. Angstridden
2. Malign
3. Where Demons Hunt
4. The Doom
5. Vittra
6. Love Is Dead
7. Calathea
8. Black Blizzard
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