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The Metros - Education PT 2.The Metros - Education Part 2

The Metros are a five-piece band from Peckham who are influenced by old skool TV shows and old punk/ska music, which you can clearly tell by the bands music. There are hints of The Ripps in the bands sound and also slight similarities of The Holloways. The Metros have just released their debut single 'Education Part 2'

'Education Part 2' is a stomping song that’s all about going to school, getting useless qualifications, dropping out of school, robbing banks and getting ASBO's which was inspired by people the band members met hanging out in Peckham. The band have a really energetic sound that is crammed full of energy, the bass lines are bouncy, the guitars are fast and the vocals are quite catchy standout vocals.

The Metros have the potential to became huge by the end of 2008 especially if their song writing continues to be as good as it is here on 'Education Part 2' and keep developing their extremely energetic live show.


Review by Trigger
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1. Education
2. Up To The Eyeballs
3. Education
4. Education
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