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PG Lost - Yes I AmPG Lost - Yes I Am

The first I heard of PG Lost was when I received this, their debut EP 'Yes I Am', I have since found out that the band formed in 2004 in the industrial town of Norrkoping, Sweden where the members were all friends who wanted to experiment with atmospheric sounds and melodic songs, the band are pretty well known in their home country of Sweden and their debut full length album is due for release in both Scandinavia and Europe in the Autumn of 2008.

Yes I Am stays true to what the band set their goals on and aimed to achieve when starting out, the EP is a full on experimental album full of long atmospheric soundscapes, the band sound like Sons Of Alpha Centauri mixed with Oceansize.

The EP runs through pretty smoothly, the opening track 'Yes I Am' is really atmospheric with its sounds, and the other 4 tracks on the EP are good instrumental tracks with 'Kardusen' being my favourite on the EP due to the smooth running of it.

PG Lost are an extremely talented band who really know how to play their instruments and come up with killer sounds, the downside to the bands sound is once you have listened to the EP once you wont find yourself rushing back to listen to it again in a hurry, the soundscapes are good but the sheer length of the tracks and the lack of vocals really do let it down, if you do like instrumental music them give PG Lost a listen, but if you find instrumental music boring and like a lot of variety then give this a miss.


 Band Members
PG Lost - Band
Gustav (guitar, keys)
mattias (guitar)
martin (drums)
kristian (bass, vocals)
 Track Listing
1. Yes I Am
2. Kardusen
3. Fartyget
4. ...
5. The Kind Heart Of Lanigon
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