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Nonpoint - VengenceNonpoint - Vengeance

Nonpoint have been around since towards the end of the 90's when the nu-metal scene was at its best, ten years on and Nonpoint are still on the scene and as hard as work as when they first started. The band have toured the world and shared stages with the likes of Disturbed, Flyleaf, Stone Sour, Sevendust Linkin Park and many of the heavyweight bands of the rock/metal scene. Nonpoint have also had their songs features on the Miami Vice movie soundtrack and their track "Bullet With A Name" is used as the NHL's Florida Panthers nightly rally song which shows that Nonpoint create really accessible songs and no know to get their music out to people.

The band have been around to see many music scenes come and go and also see many bands rise and fall with the ever changing music scene but this is something that has never affected Nonpoint themselves, they have stuck to their music style from the start and are still playing the same style of music 10 years later. The bands last studio album 'To The Pain' was released in 2005 and went down extremely well with the bands fans.

2008 sees Nonpoint back with yet another full length studio album Vengeance, the album is 12 tracks long and stays true to the bands sound and style showing that nu-metal isn’t fully dead and will never be for as long as Nonpoint are around. 'Wake Up World' opens up the album and is the perfect opening track with quite a stomping pace that’s slightly heavy sounding yet with a lot of melody. Elias Soriano's raspy, melodic vocals really do control the song in the best possible way.

'What I Do Best' is another stomper of a track that has a really melodic vibe yet still features chunky guitar riffs and stunning rhythmic drumming and once again its Elias Soriano's vocals that really make the song stand out. The album title track 'Vengeance' starts off really fast and the pace carries on throughout the song with the vocals running the show once again. 'Bring Me Down' has an old skool rock sound, sounding like something you would hear from a rock band from the late 70's and early 80's with its riffs.

The first single to be taken from Vengeance is "The March Of War" and is one of the heaviest songs from the album starting off with a massive drumming assaults, the song is the heaviest and most accessible song on the album.

The whole album is pretty much what you would expect from Nonpoint, there is nothing new on offer with the bands sound, but if you have been a fan from the start then you will grow to be quite fond of Vengeance. Metal bands that stay true to their sound are quite hard to come by these days and that’s why Nonpoint really deserve respect for not changing their sound as the nu-metal scene died out. Everyone has a soft spot for nu-metal even if they don’t admit it.


 Band Members
Nonpoint - Band
Elias (Vocals)
Goldman (Guitar)
Charman (Bass)
Robb (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. Wake Up World
2. What I Do Best
3. Vengeance
4. Bring Me Down
5. March Of War
6. Breathe
7. Hands Off
8. A Way Out
9. Change Your Mind
10. Witness
11. Everybody Down
12. When It's Over
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