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Mark Ronson finished 2007 off on a high with his album 'Version' being one of the best selling albums of the year, which saw him have 3 epic hit singles in the form of 'Stop Me', 'Oh My God' and 'Valerie', the man has also just won best male solo artist at the 2008 Brit Awards and what a better way to celebrate than release your fourth single. Mark's latest single release is 'Just' which is his version of the classic Radiohead track.

I have really enjoyed the 3 singles that Mark Ronson has released previously but there is something about 'Just' that makes me wonder why did Mark go through the effort of changing such a classic song and how did the Radiohead front man Thom Yorke agree to this butchering of one of his classic songs. 'Just' features Alex Greenwald from the Phantom Planet's on vocals and has a lot of big band soul attitude.

The single also features 3 remixes of 'Just' they all sound different from each other but don’t really add any excitement to the song.

Its a shame how 'Just' has turned out, Mark Ronson is a talented man, Radiohead are a legendary band and Alex Greenwald has some fantastic vocals, but the mixture of Mark Ronson remixes Radiohead with Alex Greenwald on vocals does nothing whatsoever for me.


Review by Trigger
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Mark Ronson And Amy Winehouse - Band
Mark Ronson (Sounds)
Phantom Planet (Vocals)
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1. Just
2. Just (Remix)
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