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Not Advised - You're The Designers We're The DecidersNot Advised - You're The Designers, We're The Deciders

Not Advised have the polished tight sound of a band who have been together for years which probably explains how the band managed to win a competition to rock out at the Nokia stage of the Isle Of Wight festival which saw the band playing several sets over the festival weekend. Since then the band have gone on to tour their arses off which includes playing some huge shows such as Reading Festival and the Taste Of Chaos Tour.

If you are yet to hear Not Advised you may be wondering what they sound like, well the best way I can describe it is if you mix Kids In Glass Houses with Elliot Minor minus the same sounding piano work then you are nearly there, but you seriously need to hear them for yourself to understand how good Not Advised are.

The band have just released their debut single 'You're The Designers, We're The Deciders' as a download only single, the song was produced by the legendary Hundred Reasons guitarist Larry Hibbit who seems to produce better songs for other bands than his own band.

'You're The Designers, We're The Deciders' is a really infectious pop-punk song that is played with passion and pure melodic energy, everything sounds in place and spot on and the backing “woah, woah” vocals really adds to the songs overall sound.

Not Advised are great and the single is one of the best debut single's I have heard in a long time. It’s safe to say they are going to be huge and it wont be long before they are playing arenas but don’t bet your house on it just yet, well not until they have finished and released their debut album.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Not Advised - Band
Greg Day (Bass, Vocals)
Jack Fairbrother (Guitar)
Ash Oliver (Guitar, Vocals)
James Thomas (Vocals)
Andy White (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. You're The Designers, We're The Deciders
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