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Young Hollywood - ShotdownYoung Hollywood - Shotdown

Heard of many angry rock bands from Burnham-On-Sea? Didn’t think so because I haven’t either, well until I received a 4 track EP from a band called Young Hollywood, looking at the EP cover you would expect the band to be a melodic poppy punk band like an English version of New found Glory but once you press play on the bands debut EP 'Shotdown', it feels like a huge kick in the balls, as the EP starts off with fast raw screamo vocals and fast shattering guitar riffs with an overall sound of the gallows mixed with Ghost Of A Thousand.

The EP is fast and furious throughout from the opening screams of the title track 'Shotdown' to the outro of the raw sounding 'We Have New Moves'. The highlight to the EP has to be the introduction machine gun style drumming of 'Is A Runaway' its the kind of drumming you would expect from a Joey Jordison drum solo with his massive tower of drums, but instead a new underground UK hardcore punk band delivers the brutal heaviness, Matthew Aldus's vocals are in your face screams throughout the whole song sounding like the man has had vocal training from the Gallows frontman Frank carter and that’s how the vocals are for the 13 minutes that the EP is on for.

If you are a fan of the Gallows you are going to totally love Young Hollywood, the band have the ability to create some kick arse songs as they have proved here on 'Shotgun' and they also have the brutal heavy sound that should smash your ear drums into thousands of tiny pieces.

Young Hollywood are a band that I’ll be watching in 2008 and I doubt it will be long before they embark on a tour with their main influences the Gallows. In the meantime check out their debut EP 'Shotdown' and crank the volume up and rock out whilst resisting bouncing off your bedroom walls as trust me it will give you feeling to do so.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Young Hollywood - Band
Matt (Vocals)
Ben H (Drums)
Collett (Bass)
Andy (Guitar)
 Track Listing
1. Shotdown
2. Plastic
3. Is A Runway
4. We Have New Moves
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