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Pure Soundart - Emo Is DeadPure Soundart - Emo is Dead

Pure Soundart are a 4 piece band based in Zug, Switzerland they formed back in 2005 and are influenced by And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, Sparta and At The Drive In, the band claim that they play heavy wild rock but I would have to disagree with the first claim as I class bands such as Slayer and Machine Head as heavy and this band are not on patch on these bands and you would be lucky to hear a heavy riff throughout the bands debut UK EP 'Emo Is Dead' but to be fair you have to slightly like the band just for the EP title, if only it was true though!

'Emo is Dead' opens up with 'A Silent Fiction' which has some great guitar riffs and the vocals are quite different sounding but in a good way, the song is on for just over 3 minutes and 30 seconds but it ends up feeling like too long due to the lack of excitement throughout the song. 'Ride Paranoia' is another song that lacks excitement and entertainment, it starts off sounding alright like the opening track and then suddenly the song starts going weird with a lot going on but it all ends up going nowhere and sounds very unfinished.

Things look up a little bit throughout 'Pretty Demon Create' mainly for the fact that it’s the only track on the EP that sounds complete and doesn’t stray too far from the opening sound. 'Poem (For The Dead)' and 'Tales, Tracks & Turns' have some interesting moments throughout but there’s nothing on offer that leaves you thinking wow this band rock.

The press release for this EP claims that the bands aim was to write dirty, ass-kicking, honest music to make the listener think and to make music to make people happy and to give them hope, but the EP has made me feel the total opposite and also feel that the band have done too much experimenting and come up with an unfinished sound.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Pure Soundart - Band
Dominique Marcel
 Track Listing
1. A Silent Fiction
2. Ride Paranoia
3. Pretty Demon Create
4. Poem (For The Dead)
5. Tales, Tracks & Turns
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