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"Doomsday" opens the album with a quirky catchy riff, which continues at a slower pace through the verse, as vocals with Wolfmother-esque distortion slide over the top. When the guitars aren't angrily shouting away smothered in distortion, there's something slightly Beatles about Pet Genius, with the vocals just gently complimenting the music perfectly. An indie/alternative blend, with contrasting blocks of wispy progressive licks, and heavy disjointed riffs.

In fact, it's suddenly hit me like a breeze-block in the kidneys. It's Cave In that these guys remind me of, in a strange way. The heavier riffs are the real highlights of the album, and it's a shame there aren't more of them really. Given that the album opens with one, it'sa little misleading to stuff the rest of the album with strange noises, experimental jams, and quieter stuff. But it's all good,really.

Besides the opening track, stand out tracks for me are "Man of the Mountain," because of it's expert composition, (but that's the one that draws the Beatles sound, so that explains that one,) and "Cosmic Erosion," (but that draws from Cave In.) I really don't know what to say, this album is such a mix of styles, and if a few songs aren'tseparated by an experimental instrumental, then a song will break itself down into a series of noises, as if it's trying to communicate with another world. This album has potential, but if you want to listen to music then you might be frustrated with their beating about the bush.


Review by Thom
 Band Members
Pet Genius - Band
StoveTop Bredsky (mouthpiece, fiddle)
Johnny Coolbreeze (mic wails, tuba)
JR John Junior (morroca, wood chips)
 Track Listing
1. Doomsday
2. Visiting Dynamiter
3. Walls Of Etiquette
4. Man Of The Mountain
5. Float My Boat
6. Emit Fo Deeps Eht Esare
7. Erase The Speed Of Time
8. Cosmic Erosion
9. Trash Heap Swing
10. Chromatic Blues
11. Scrapyard King
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