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New Project - Ultraviolent Light.New Project - Ultraviolent Light

New Project are a four piece band from Sydney Australia but now based in London, the band released their debut EP 'Primal.Logic.Slave' back in 2006 and it was met with rave reviews which gave the band opportunities to play with some big bands such as Rose Tattoo, Skindred, Pitchshifter and many other big bands with shows at the Mean Fiddler in London and also at the NASS festival in 2006. The band are now back with their debut full length album 'Ultraviolent Light' which was produced by Dan Turner (who has worked with Cradle Of Filth and Bullet For My Valentine in the past), the artwork to the album is quite dark and freaky looking which is to be expected when you consider that it was designed by Paul Allender of Cradle OF Filth.

The album opens up with 'New Human Anthem' which is full of heavy riffs and vocals that are quite screechy sounding quite similar to that of Children Of Bodom. 'Chemical Drive' has quite an industrial sound about it with the powerful electrical sounds and robot sounding vocals. 'Cyberpunk 2.0' slams straight into a killer riff, the song becomes quite catchy especially vocally during the chorus.

'God Again' starts off with some loud growls sounding like something that you would expect the Murderdolls to do and then before you know it the chorus kicks in with the vocals sounding so similar to that of Chester Benninton from Linkin Park in 'One Step Closer', the song ends in an industrial way with lots of techno sounds and electronic beats.

'False Prophet' is a song that takes a lot of time to get going and once it does get going you are treated to a mixture of raw growls and then more catchy sing a long vocals which really makes this band stand out from the rest as one minute they sound pissed off with angry growly vocals and the next everything’s happy with more sing a long vocals.

'Coma' starts off with some guitar riffs that sound like they have been ripped from Stone Sour's '30 30/150' and that’s pretty much how the guitars sound throughout the whole song, but the mixture of electronic beats and samples really adds dynamics to the sound of the song.

The band created a good and incredible sound that really worked well on their debut EP 'Primal.Logic.Slave' and the band have now developed their sound even further, they haven’t gone far away from the sound of their debut EP but instead they sound a lot more comfortable with their sound and have a better ability to write standout tracks and to be fair, this album is full of them. Expect to see New Project on the likes of Kerrang TV and Scuzz very soon, as they are the kind of bands these TV stations really need.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
New Project - Band
Marty (Guitars)
Nicole (Bass)
Mike (Drums)
Drew (Vocals)
 Track Listing
1. New Human Anthem
2. Chemical Drive
3. Cyberpunk 2.0
4. God Again
5. False Prophet
6. Coma
7. Dead Alive
8. Tear It Down
9. Ultraviolent Light
10. Forever Far Beyond
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