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No Kilter - Galore NationNo Kilter - Galore Nation

No Kilter are a four piece band who formed in Glasgow two years ago, when the band formed they had the aim of producing interesting music that blends the intensity of punk with the complexity of math rock that was fun to play live, the band have just finished their second EP 'Galore Nation' and I really don’t see that this band have accomplished what they were aiming for as the production of the EP sounds dodgy. The band have been compared to bands such as At The Drive In and Fugazi but I just can’t see the comparisons.

The EP opens with the ever so long named 'Congratulations On Your Decision To Become A Criminal' the introduction to the song sounds pretty ropey like the person producing the EP really didn’t know what they were doing and the song ends up being long winded and very boring running for nearly 5 and a half minutes. 'Space Raiders' starts off as quite a promising song with some good guitar riffs and oddly addictive catchy sounding shouty vocals but the track seems to change in sound as it goes on and 7 minutes later when the song finally ends everything seems too much.

I am the first person to admit to loving progressive rock with songs that seem to last forever and No Kilter do have the progressive side with some songs running for well over 8 minutes but the songs seem to progress into absolute nothing making No Kilter a very boring band.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
No Kilter - Band
Sam Massey
Steven Murray
Wez McCallum
Colin O'Hara
 Track Listing
1. Congratulations Of Your Decision To Become A Criminal
2. Space Raiders
3. Rec Error
4. Sorry To Disappoint You But...
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