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My American Heart - Hiding Inside The Horrible WeatherMy American Heart - Hiding Inside The Horrible Weather

These days you seem to have more and more emo bands wanting to break out of the American market and conquer the UK and the rest of Europe, half the bands are Fall Out Boy wannabe's who sound complete shit and fall flat on their face at the first hurdle and the other half are actually quite decent and worthy of checking out. Luckily for My American Heart they fall in the decent band category and that’s because My American Heart are as good as most of the emo bands on the scene at the moment, the band remind me of an extremely good version of The Higher and have just released their second studio album 'Hiding Inside The Horrible Weather'.

The second album 'Hiding Inside The Horrible Weather' is the second album from My American Heart but is actually the bands first album release in the UK, the album was produced by James Paul Wisner who has worked with some great bands from Underoath to Dashboard Confessional.

The album opens with 'Boys! Grab Your Guns' which starts off with some computerized sounding vocals and the twin assault of guitars by Jesse Barrera and Matt Van Gasbeck soon kick in and so does Larry Soliman's strong vocals that sound best executed on the catchy chorus. 'Speak Low If You Speak Love' is quite a powerful melodic song.

The bands current single 'The Shake (Awful Feeling)' is the most standout track on the album and is the most radio friendly track on the album, hence the reason the song was picked as the lead single from the album. The song is an extremely catchy poppy song that will go around and around your head for days to come and should bring My American Heart a whole new breed of fans in the UK once it’s unleashed here.

My American Heart aren’t all about being an in your face melodic band, they do have some quite mellow moments such as on 'Tired And Uninspired' where the band take a total change in sound and tone everything down for a really stripped down sounding ballad. 'Dangerous' is another ballad sounding song that actually starts off sounding like some kind of blues song and to be fair it is quite a pleasant song, it’s not going to appeal to everyone but it definitely is a great addition to the album. The band also have some quite heavy moments, such as on 'There Are More Frightening Things...' and ok the song isn’t Machine Head style heavy but the guitar riffs are pretty aggressive sounding and constant for the music scene that My American Heart are in.

Drummer Steven Oira is pretty talented and his skills are best noticed on 'The Innocent Letter' where he opens the song with some strong constant drumming and the drumming stands out throughout the whole song.

'Hiding Inside The Horrible Weather' is the kind of album that is worth listening to all the way through as the album features quite a good mixture of songs, you have your melodic songs, you have your stripped down mellow songs and you also have some outstanding guitar riffs in places, lyrically the band tend to sing a lot about relationships but what do you expect as they are an American emo band after all, and a good one at that. My American Heart are definitely ready to break into the UK and if they don’t manage success in the UK then there is definitely something wrong with the UK music scene


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
My American Heart - Band
Ida Maria (guitar, vocals)
Johannes Lindberg (bass,backing vocals)
Olle Lundin (drums, backing vocals)
Stefan Törnby (lead guitar, backing vocals)
 Track Listing
1. Boys Grab Your Guns
2. Speak Low If You Speak Love
3. Shake (Awful Feeling)
4. Tired And Uninspired
5. Hiding Inside The Horrible Weather
6. Innocent Letter
7. There Are More Frightning Things...
8. Dangerous
9. Moving On
10. Fantasy
11. All My Friends
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