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Neurosonic - Drama QueenNeurosonic - Drama Queen

Neurosonic are a four piece band from Canada who play quite fast and catchy nu-metal music mixed with electronic sounds, they have just completed their debut album 'Drama Queen' which is being released on Bodog Music record label.

'Drama Queen' is quite an interesting album and it opens up with the bands debut single, 'So Many People' which is a song that is full of huge heavy guitar riffs, big electronic synths and Jason Darr's extremely fast vocals that get really melodic during the chorus, the song is extremely radio friendly but really can’t see it becoming successful in the UK as the Nu-metal scene died out many years ago. 'Are Solar' is another really catchy song that a lot of people claim is like a better version of Nine Inch Nails, but I really don’t know where they got that idea from as to be honest the song is like a poor mans Limp Bizkit with Jason Darr rapping throughout the song over some heavy riffs sounding pretty awful.

There are some really bad moments on this album such as 'Crazy Sheila' a song that has so much going on at once everything just sounds a mess. 'Until I Die' is another song that is pretty bad, it starts off with some good guitar riffs and then suddenly things go downhill with some extremely dodgy sounding vocals and your very average sounding nu-metal riffs.

The album isn’t all about heavy riffs and dodgy rapping though, it does have some chilled out moments which are actually quite listenable such as on 'Me Myself And I' where the vocals actually sound half decent and the instrumental work sounds spot on. 'For The Boy' is the other chilled out track on the album with its acoustic guitars running throughout the song.

Overall if Neurosonic came on the scene 10 years ago when music was all about Nu-metal they would probably be quite welcomed but still find it hard to become successful due to the fact that they really don’t know where they are going with their music, the vocals change from one song to the next which shows to me that Jason Darr really doesn’t know where his vocal strong point is, the lyrics are pretty dumb and badly written, the electronics get a bit too much and the guitar riffs are dated and nothing that we haven’t heard before but on the plus side the artwork to the album is pretty impressive but your not going to by the bands album just for that, are you?


Review by Trigger

 Band Members
Neurosonic - Band
Jason Darr (Vocals, Guitar
Troy Healy (Guitar)
Jacen Ekstrom (Bass, Vocals)
Shane Smith (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. So Many People
2. Are Solar
3. I Will Always Be Your Fool
4. Me Myself And I
5. Crazy Sheila
6. Until I Die
7. Fearless
8. Boneheads
9. Frankenstein
10. So Now You Know
11. For The Boy
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