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The Weakerthans - Reunion TourThe Weakerthans - Reunion Tour

The Weakerthans have just completed their forth studio album 'Reunion Tour' and it is just as good as any of the bands previous material but just a little more upbeat. If you are new to The Weakerthans they are a band who play and write melodic indie rock music with a bit of folk added in for good measures.

'Reunion Tour' opens up with 'Civil Twilight', which is quite a melodic mid-paced indie song and vocalist John K. Sampson's vocals are quite outstanding and what most people will come to love about The Weakerthans. 'Hymn Of The Medical Oddity' is a song about wanting to be remembered as more than just another sick patient; the lyrics are quite clever and once again John's vocals really stand out, the guitars, bass and drums are quite laid back throughout the song.

There are many strong songs on the album such as the catchiness of 'Tournament Of Hearts' to the mellowness of 'Virtue The Cat Explains Her Departure' which is a clever song that is done from the point of view of a cat, and that’s what makes The Weakerthans so special; the fact that they are really clever when it comes to song writing.

The whole album is full of songs that tell different stories about different people and different situations and that’s what adds to the “fun-ness” of the band, if you take time to read through their lyrics its like reading 11 mini stories. It’s also pretty hard to pick out a favourite track from 'Reunion Tour' as the album is full of 11 great tracks that are really easy to get into. If you are into indie music seriously give The Weakerthans a listen if you haven’t before as they really are a great band who sadly don’t get recognised over here.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
The Weakerthans - Band
John K. Samson (lead vocals, guitar)
Jason Tait (drums, percussion, vibraphone, keyboards)
Stephen Carroll (guitar, pedal and lap steel, keyboards)
Greg Smith (bass)
 Track Listing
1. Civil Twilight
2. Hymn Of The Medical Oddity
3. Relative Surplus Value
4. Tournament Of Hearts
5. Virtue The Cat Explains Her Departure
6. Elegy For Gump Worsley
7. Sun In An Empty Room
8. Night Windows
9. Bigfoot!
10. Reunion Tour
11. Utilities
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