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Path Of No Return - The Absinthe DreamsPath Of No Return - The Absinthe Dreams

Path Of No Return are a four piece hardcore outfit from Sweden, the band are signed to Burning Heart Records and have just released their brand new album 'The Absinthe Dreams' which is a proper brutal and in your face hardcore record that sadly lacks variety.

To me it seems that Path Of No Return are a band who don’t make to much effort within their music and especially with their artwork as the artwork for their new album 'The Absinthe Dreams' is one of the most basic designs I have seen on a cd cover in a long time featuring a white bit of cardboard with a slight black print with the bands name on and not much else.

The album 'The Absinthe Dreams' is pretty samey throughout being really shouty hardcore music, the guitar riffs are pretty outstanding and the machine gun like drumming is pretty spot on as well, the vocals are right in your face raw screams that fit in well with the bands overall musical style which is good but the downside is this is how the music is for the whole 42 minutes that the album is on for, there is no variety what so ever.

Overall Path Of No Return are a tight band and certainly know how to make a noise but nothing on the bands album makes me want to listen to it over and over again.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Path OF No Return - Band
Adam Holmkvist
Daniel Cederborg
Martin Jacobson
Patrik Jakobsson
 Track Listing
1. Soran
2. Cold Grief/Empty Eyes
3. Missile Blues
4. Absinthe Dream
5. Shogun
6. Broken Dances
7. Northern Lights
8. All We Are
9. Devoured
10. Marriage Of Black And White
11. Poet's Walk
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