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The Zico Chain - FoodZico Chain – Food

Zico Chain have always had an eye for success since they signed to Hassle Records towards the end of 2005 and released their self-titled mini-album at the start of 2006 and spent from that moment touring as much as they can. If you were a regular gig goer in 2006, I’m pretty sure you would of seen the Zico Chain play live as in 2006 the band managed to support so many big bands from Alkaline Trio, Wolfmother, Thursday, Disturbed, Cave-In, Nine Black Alps and Velvet Revolver which is a big achievement in its own due to how different their music is to the bands they supported.

At the start of 2007, Zico Chain started working on their debut full length studio album and it wasn’t long before they released a new single 'Where Would You Rather Be' as a taster of what to expect from the album, the song was a guitar driven noisy rock song that really shows how the Zico Chain have progressed their grunge mixed with metal sound. In the middle of June the band released their second single 'Anaemia' and the song was quite a catchy repetitive grunge song that went down well with the fans and left them wanting more. Four months on since the band released 'Anaemia' their debut album 'Food' is finally finished and is one of the most anticipated British rock albums of the year.

The album opens up with 'Pretty Pictures', which is quite an explosive rocking track that features some spot on drumming and guitar riffs and lets not forget the vocals as they are stunning. Zico Chain released 'Where Would You Rather Be?' right at the start of 2007 as a taster of what to expect from their debut album and because the song is such a kick arse song the band have decided to re-release it a week before their debut album is out.

One of my favourite songs from the album has to be the title track 'Food', the song is a fast rocking song where everything is played at 100 miles per hour and the grunge vocals firing out really make the song. Another one of my favourite songs has to be 'Roll Over', the song originally appeared on the bands self titled debut 6 track EP back in early 2006 and due to how good the song is, the band have decided to re-record it and include it on their debut album.

It’s not until towards the end of the album you get to the most stand out track 'All Eyes On Me' which happens to be my favourite track on the album. The song appears to be more laid back than any of the other tracks on the album but once the song gets going and the stunning vocals come in, you realise just how good the song is.

The album finishes with 'Anaemia', which is a good move as it is one of the heavier songs on the album and one of the bands previous single releases.

I have been looking forward to The Zico Chain album since the start of 2007, it’s been a long wait but the album is finally here and is even better than what I was expecting, there is no bad moment on the album and it’s hard to believe that three people can create so much noise and such a stunning album that really does British music proud.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
The Zico Chain - Band
Chris Glithero
Paul Frost
Ollie Middleton
 Track Listing
1. Pretty Pictures
2. Where Would You Rather Be
3. Last Week's Hero
4. Junk
5. Roll Over
6. Preach
7. No Hoper Boy
8. Your Favourite Client
9. Nihilism
10. All Eyes On Me
11. Anaemia
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