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1000 Hertz - Input The Output1000 Hertz - Input The Output

In At The Deep End Records seems like the best record label in the UK to find yourself a new in your face screamo band with punk attitude and the band that most people will know In At The Deep End Records for is the Gallows and rightly so as the Gallows started off on In At The Deep End Records before they found the success they are enjoying now and re-released their album on major label Warner. The next best band on In At The Deep End Records has to be Milton Keynes based four piece 1000 Hertz, they are fast and furious and have such a loud and hectic hardcore punk sound about them and are true musicians who care all about the music and couldn’t give a fuck about the latest fashion and image like most bands these days do.

1000 Hertz debut album Input The Output opens up with 'Give Me An Amen!!' and what an opening to the album; the song is fast, raw, aggressive, in your face hardcore punk rock from start to finish and vocalist John's vocals feel as strong and deadly as a punch in the face from Ricky Hatton.

'Wake Up Call' is a short song clocking in at just under 2 minutes but the band achieve so much in that time and the forever changing vocals really help the song stand out making it one of my favourite songs on the album. 'Systems Fail' is another stand out song mainly due to the forever changing vocals again and the fact that so much is going on throughout the song and the solo drumming outro.

The whole album is outstanding and played at 100 mile's per hour with maximum effort and attitude and the good thing is that the band have managed to make each and every song sound so much different to the last whilst keeping the extreme heaviness. 'Input The Output' is the kind of album that makes you want to bounce off the walls and smash things up due to the brutalness of it and I’m sure it’s even better experienced live.

1000 Hertz couldn’t of picked a better time to come on the scene and let’s hope they follow on the success of ex label mates the Gallows and show the world that UK punk is back from the dead.


Review by Trigger
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 Track Listing
1. Give Me An Amen!!
2. Wake Up Call
3. A Grave Fit, Made And Dug For A Nation
4. Protect The Fall
5. Immobilised
6. System Fail
7. Hello I Have No Hope
8. Down And Out
9. Fallen Ground
10. One To Many
11. Silence Means Everything
12. Static Believer
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