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No Machine - Self Titled EPNo Machine – Self-Titled EP

No Machine are a six piece band from London who play extremely listenable progressive rock that’s not to heavy on your ear and not to mellow that it makes you want to fall asleep but just in the middle. The bands debut 5 track EP was produced by the two main men of the band the Rivers brothers and runs at just over 20 minutes in length, the artwork of the EP was designed and made by legendary artist Mark Wilkinson who is well known for his artwork for Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and the Judge Dread cartoon books.

The EP opens up with 'A Terrible Thing' which has a long sci-fi style introduction before Joca's tinny sounding drumming comes in which is soon followed up by some laid back guitar playing and shortly after Al Rivers’ beautiful unique vocals come in which really does make up no Machines sound. 'A Terrible Thing' is quite a laid back song but everything about the song is so good and listenable.

My favourite track on the EP has to be the stunning 'I Choose You' the lyrics are quite repetitive in places but it’s easily forgiven because of how good Al Rivers’ vocals are. Once again the music is quite laid back but stands out really well at the same time with its catchy groove.

The music on the whole EP is quite laid back and not to in your face, for example 'Tell Me' features some stunning guitar playing especially the long guitar solo half way through the song, the drum beats fit in perfect and are not to in your face. 'The Races' is the most upbeat song on the EP but is still quite laid back, the mixture of synths and organ sounds really adds something extra to the song and the vocals sound better than ever especially during the razor sharp catchy chorus. The EP closes with 'Diamond Ring' finishing with what sounds like a choir singing till the end.

The whole EP is really easy to get into and is the kind of music that is perfect for chilling out to at home and also is the perfect music to drive to due to how laid back and easy listening it is whilst maintaining coolness. No Machine are a real band who don’t give a fuck about image or the latest fashion but fully care about the music and you can clearly see that in the bands debut EP as it’s full of emotion and quite powerful without being to heavy on your ears.

I really hope we hear a lot more from these guys in the future and hopefully sooner rather than later as I can’t wait to hear what else they have to offer, No Machine are definitely up there as one of my top 5 bands of 2007.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
No Machine - Band
Al Rivers (Vocals)
Emil Rivers (Piano)
Fred (Guitar)
Joca (Drums)
Pedro (Bass)
Daniel (Organ, Synths)
 Track Listing
1. A Terrible Thing
2. Tell Me
3. The Races
4. I Choose You
5. Diamond Ring
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