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My American Heart - the Shake (Awful Feeling)My American Heart - The Shake (Awful Feeling)

I first heard of My American Heart back in 2005 when I was in New York and Acey Slade gave me a copy of the bands latest album (at the time) 'Meaning Is Makeup' and to be honest I still haven’t heard the album that much to make a true opinion on it. At the start of 2007 My American Heart went into the studio to work on the follow up album 'Hiding Inside The Horrible Weather', the album has already been released in America but is not due to be released in the UK until the start of November which is perfectly timed as the band are currently in the UK for the first time touring with the ever popular Madina Lake and to coincide with the end of the tour My American Heart are releasing their debut UK single 'The Shake (Awful Feeling)' which is also a taster of what to expect from the bands current album.

'The Shake (Awful Feeling)' is actually a pretty decent song but is typically what you would expect from these American emo bands these days, the song has an extremely catchy feeling about it and the singer sounds like he would fit in with The Higher if the band ever needed a new singer which is quite interesting considering The Higher and My American Heart have spent most of the summer touring the states. The more I listen to this song the more it grows on me and the more the catchy chorus sticks in my head.

My American Heart have proved with 'The Shake (Awful feeling)' that are as good as any other emo band in the scene at the moment, and it will be interesting to see how successful they become in the UK. I am looking forward to the bands forthcoming second studio album 'Hiding Inside The Horrible Weather' and whilst I wait for the release date to approach I am going to revisit the bands debut album.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
My American Heart - Band
Ida Maria (guitar, vocals)
Johannes Lindberg (bass,backing vocals)
Olle Lundin (drums, backing vocals)
Stefan Törnby (lead guitar, backing vocals)
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1. The Shake (Awful Feeling)
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