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The debut album from Rammstein guitarist Richard Kruspe is finally here in the form of his new band Emigrate. The band sound quite similar to Rammstein in places and you can clearly see that Richard is one of the key members of Rammstein with his guitar riffs sounding like they could of been lifted from pretty much any Rammstein song but that’s where the Rammstein comparison starts and ends because vocally Emigrate have more clear yet strong standout vocals which will appeal to a wide range of people and the lyrics are fully in English which some people will slate Richard for but it brings the band that little bit further away from the sound of Rammstein and will help the band get radio play across the world.

The album opens up with the title track 'Emigrate', the song features some thick guitar riffs and electronic sounds going throughout the song, but the vocals tend to be a bit to repetitive with vocalist Richard Kruspe shouting "Emigrate" at every opportunity which happens to be far to often for my liking.

'Wake Up' is another song that is lyrically quite repetitive with the song title being shouted out at every opportunity sounding scarily like David Draiman from Disturbed, luckily the longer the song goes on, the more appealing it gets with the fast guitar work and the more fast, sing a long vocals coming in.

I really love the vocals on 'My World', they are really impressive especially with the hectic guitar work going on at the same time. The structure of the song is pretty impressive as well, changing from being quite calm then getting slightly heavy before returning to calmness again.

The most impressive song on 'Emigrate' has to be the bands debut single 'New York City', the single happens to be the easiest song on the album to get into and the most commercial sounding song. The guitar riffs are chunky and what you would expect from the Rammstein guitarist and the guitar solo towards the end is breathtaking and an added bonus to the song. The vocals are quite strong but quite catchy at the same time.

There are some good moments on 'Emigrate' but there are also some dodgy moments such as 'Babe' the song is proper chilled out and to be honest pretty shit and will shock a lot of people due to how bad it really is. 'Temptation' is another dodgy sounding song that will more than likely end up being released as a single due to the ‘commercial-ness’ of it but it leaves me wanting to hit the skip button. The start of 'Blood' will have people wondering what they are listening to, the song is pretty bad but is worth listening to just for the heavy bits which sadly don’t appear enough.

In all fairness I was really looking forward to the self-titled debut album by Emigrate after hearing their debut single 'New York City' but after hearing the album a few times over I feel a little dissapointed. There are some really good moments on the album but there are more bad moments than good moments making Emigrate pretty average overall.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Emigrate - Band
Richard Z. Kruspe
 Track Listing
1. Emigrate
2. Wake Up
3. My World
4. Let Me Break
5. In My Tears
6. Babe
7. New York City
8. Resolution
9. Temptation
10. This Is What
11. You Can't Get Enough
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