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Morning Runner - Wilderness Is Paradise NowMorning Runner – Wilderness Is Paradise Now

The epitome of variety.

What an album needs.

Even if it's not your cup of tea, you have to admire the bands ability to change their styles.

The opening track, “It's Not Like Everyone's My Friend,” is in itself is a blend of alsorts. Angry noise fades to a gentle piano led verse, with distant high-pitched vocals, that you might find your parents listening to in the car, with more interjections of pure “RAH” with the music.

A highlight, is track three, “Gone Up In Flames.” An upbeat number that sounds out from the rest. Try to listen to this and feel gloomy. I dare you.

“Burning Benches” slows the pace back down, with soft piano chords, and a gentle vocal melody. But then, by the end, it's picked up into a pacey song, with the piano going at it like one of Keane's faster tracks, and the singer now at more of a shout than a sing.

The next songs, “Hold Your Breath,” and “Oceans,” are slow ones also, piano led, but they stays slow throughout.

rank up the pace. “The Great Escape.” Pretty good. The song in fact that they have chosen as their first single. Which I'm glad about. It seems a shame when a band release their weaker tracks as singles, but with this one, I can see Morning Runner gaining some fans.

This band, as a whole, have the ability to play well, and have moment of brilliance, but not enough. A couple of tracks stand out, but there are too many that are rated as simply “bearable.” There's nothing wrong with them, but there's not really anything that right either.

Towards the end, another pacey track that stands out is “Work,” which adds to a good finale of an overall, not bad album.

If you're a fan of Starsailor, Keane, or The Arcade Fire, I would imagine you'd absolutely love this group. And just slower music fans in general, may very much enjoy this. But for me, as I said, not enough stands out. I am not denying their ability though. Far from it.


Review by Thom
 Band Members
Morning Runner - Band
Matthew Greener (lead vocals guitar)
Tom Derrett (bass guitar, backing vocals)
Chris Wheatcroft (piano/keyboard, backing vocals)
Ali Clewer (drums/percussion)
 Track Listing
1. It's Not Like Everyone's My Friend
2. Have A Good Time
3. Gone Up In Flames
4. Burning Benches
5. Hold Your Breath
6. Oceans
7. The Great Escape
8. Be All You Want Me To Be
9. Punching Walls
10. Work
11. Best For You
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