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Milburn - These Are The FactsMilburn – These Are The Facts

"Lo + Behold," is the short opening track to the album, starting with vocal harmonies that sing the only four lines of the song, slowly building up to a full band, with a good feeling of tempo and rhythm. A fantastic two minute burst that has little snippets of everything a good indie song should have. The second track, and first single off of the album, is arguably one of the best on there. "What Will You Do (When The Money Goes)" is a truly brilliant number, as is the following song "Wolves At Bay," despite the fact that it sounds very Arctic Monkeys, which is something Milburn are renowned for, even if it is against their will. It just so happens they've come out of Sheffield as well, and they have quite a similar sound often. But being tagged as a poor man's Arctics just isn't fair, they're definitely their own band, and are bloody good too.

The whole album isn't high octane though, so don't be put off if you're afraid of the slower tracks. Milburn have thrown three or four on their new album, the best of which being "Summertime," which has the added bonus of being unbelievably catchy. "Genius and the Tramp," closes the album, which breaks down into another vocal harmony, and ends it all beautifully.

My personal favourite song off of the album, is "Lucy Lovemenot," a short tale of a woman who used to be all that and then turned into, for lack of a better word, a slut. It's upbeat again, and with a perfect and memorable vocal melody, this song is a winner in my mind.


Review by Thom
 Band Members
Milburn - Band
Joe (Bass, vocals)
Louis (Guitar, Vocals)
Tom (Guitar, Vocals)
Greeny (Drums, tambourine)
 Track Listing
1. Lo And Behold
2. What Will You Do (When The Money Goes)
3. Wolves At Bay
4. Summertime
5. Lucy Lovemenot
6. Sinking Ships
7. Cowboys And Indians
8. Being A Rogue
9. Count To 10
10. Come Away With Me
11. Rubicon
12. Genius And The Tramp
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