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Emigrate - New York CityEmigrate - New York City

Members of most bands now days are not happy with being in just the one band and end up being in various side projects whilst their main band takes time off and it’s now time for Rammstein guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe to unleash his side project upon us in the name of Emigrate.

Emigrate are quite similar to Rammstein yet so different at the same time. The band play industrial metal like Rammstein and Richard Z. Kruspe's huge strong guitar riffs sound like they could of been lifted off any Rammstein which proves that he is one of the key members from Rammstein. However the main difference between Emigrate and Rammstein is that Emigrate fully sing in English and have quite an up beat catchy sound which is heavily shown in the bands debut single 'New York City'.

'New York City' is a song that Richard wrote to highlight the strong influences that the New York City has on him after being a resident there for many years. The song is extremely strong sounding with some great guitar riffs and an outstanding guitar solo towards the end. Richard's vocals are quite strong sounding with the chorus being very catchy giving the band quite a commercial sound.

The b-side to the single is a remix of 'New York City' and it was done by DJ Alec Empire (former frontman for Atari Teenage Riot) the song features more of an electro sound and is a lot slower vocally but does make a good addition to the main single.

Everyone loves Rammstein because they sing in their native language so it’s a bit weird at first listening to Emigrate singing in English but I guess Richard wants his music to appeal to a wider range of people, which is good and bad depending on the way you look at it. Anyway if you have ever wondered what Rammstein would sound like if they sung in English, listening to Emigrate is the closest you are going to get to finding out, and trust me it’s a good listen.


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Emigrate - Band
Richard Z. Kruspe
 Track Listing
1. New York City
2. My World
3. Blood
4. New York City (1)
5. My World
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