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Panic Number - From The LowPanic Number - From The Low

Panic Number are a four-piece band from Bristol who play indie music mixed up with electronic poppy sounds. The bands debut EP 'From The Low' is just about to be released on Lockjaw Records.

'From The Low' starts off with a song called 'Stay', the song features an extremely long introduction of solid guitar riffs, keyboards and different electronic sounds, the introduction to the song runs for just over 2 minutes and then the lead vocals come in sounding very toned down and boy bandy.

The introduction to 'Lights' is quite interesting with a mixture of drum beats and guitar riffs that get louder and louder as the song goes on but as soon as the vocals come in, the song seems to go downhill.

The most interesting sounding song on the EP has to be 'Young Warrior', the song has a lot going on, the guitar playing is pretty solid and the drumming sounds spot on as well and the vocals are more listenable here than they are on the rest of the EP.

Overall Panic Number are a band that you are either going to like or not and I personally can’t get on with them. The band are talented and can play their instruments well but each song goes on for a long time and generally sounds really boring, their is a lot going on at once which you would imagine would bring some excitement to the music but sadly it doesn’t here. If you hear one song from this band and don’t like it, don’t go on and buy the EP as it all sounds the same. Panic Number surely know how to take fun away from music.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Panic Number - Band
Andy Howard (vocals, guitars, synths, sequencing)
Andy Cope (guitars, synths, vocals, sequencing)
Chris Marsland (drums, synths, sequencing)
Alex Moon (bass, vocals, synths, sequencing)
 Track Listing
1. Stay
2. Pinnacle
3. Lights
4. Young Worrier
5. Race
6. Feeling Involved
7. Give In To Me
8. Time
9. This Day
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