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Kate Nash - Made Of BricksKate Nash - Made Of Bricks

Kate Nash is nineteen year old singer song writer from London, who started out in the music scene just under a year ago and found her fame through myspace and most people are comparing her to Lilly Allen just for those reasons. Kate Nash's debut single 'Foundation' hit number 2 in the UK singles chart and has been tipped for a number one spot for a couple of weeks through mid week sales but kept getting beaten at the last minute. Due to public demand Kate Nash's record label have decided to bring the release of her debut album forward from its mid-September release date to the start of August and the album was even nameless three weeks ago. So has the rush release paid off? And is 'Made Of Bricks' any good?

The album opens up with 'Play' which is a short introduction of dance beats and spoken words of "I like to play". The album then goes straight into the first proper track which happens to be Kate's debut single 'Foundations'. I will be honest, when I first heard 'Foundations' it was one of those songs that I would switch off as soon as it came on the TV or radio, but since hearing the song booming out of my brothers stereo pretty much every day, the song has really grown on me, the song is upbeat, catchy and witty which is the perfect combination for the hot summer days which we seem to be lacking this year.

Its already been decided that track 3 'Mouthwash' will be Kate's next single release. The song is about the confusion of youth, it is already a favourite with her fans when she plays it live, the song is another upbeat catchy song and once you hear the chorus a couple of times over it will be in your head for weeks to come.

Things change slightly for 'Dickhead', a song that Kate has actually written about a girl, the song itself is pretty repetitive and the kind of song that is going to get on your nerves after a couple of listens. 'Birds' sees things pick up again with Kate playing her acoustic guitar with passion telling a story of young love, with lyrics of bunking trains and using out of date railcards just so you can get to see your partner.

Halfway through the album we are treated to 'We Get On' which is a piano driven song in which Kate shows a totally different tone of vocals and is one of my favourite songs on the album due to how different and beautiful it sounds. The song is about the perils and humiliation of the teenage crush which I’m sure pretty much everyone can relate to.

It took me a few listens to get into 'Mariella', but the song is a work of art both lyrically and musically. It’s a dark sounding song about a little girl who takes a pritt stick and glues her lips together so she never had to speak. It’s the kind of story you would expect in a Tim Burton animation. The longer the song goes on the it more builds up and the more attitude Kate has with her vocals right up until the explosive final shouts of "Ever, Ever, Ever".

Things go downhill a bit for 'Shit Song', the song sounds as good as the name the song has been given, the song features a mixture of dance beats and pretty boring lyrics which really lets the song down. 'Pumpkin Soup' is another below average song that will find you hitting the skip button after a couple of listens.

Everything picks up for the stunning 'Skeleton Song' a dark, gothic themed song about being best friends with a skeleton. The song is extremely catchy and you can just imagine people dancing along to it at gigs. The song has a lot going on at once and the thumping sound builds up really heavy half way through and then quickly drops back down to almost silence outro.

'Made Of Bricks' finishes with 'Merry Happy', which is another happy sounding song, the lyrics are once again witty and random and the song has one of the most simple yet catchy sing a long choruses of "Do, do, doo dah-do-do".

In a matter of two weeks, I have gone from turning my radio off every time 'Foundations' comes on to really enjoying Kate Nash's music. 'Made Of Bricks' is a really good album, it does have a few bad moments such as 'Shit Song', 'Dickhead' and 'Pumpkin Soup' which would of been better being left off the album, but it is rare these days to have an album without a poor sounding song on it. We will be hearing a lot more from Kate Nash in the next couple of months as her singles top the charts and it won’t be long before she is doing headline arena tours across the country.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Kate Nash - Band
Kate Nash - (Piano, Guitars - acoustic & electric, Synth)
Jay (Guitar, Tambourine, Bass, Synth-s, Laptop)
Elliottt (Drums)
Meg-king Wong (Vioilin)
Brett Alaimo (Guitars)
 Track Listing
1. Play
2. Foundations
3. Mouthwash
4. Dickhead
5. Birds
6. We Get On
7. Mariella
8. Shit Song
9. Pumpkin Soup
10. Skeleton Song
11. Nicest Thing
12. Merry Happy
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