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Paul Steel - Your LossPaul Steel - Your Loss

Paul Steel is a new solo artist on the horizon from Brighton and is currently on a short tour around the UK which finishes off with shows at the V festival in both Stafford and Chelmsford in the middle of August. Paul Steel's debut single 'Your Loss' is scheduled to be released at the start of August.

To be honest before I put this cd in my stereo I didn’t think I would like it due to the quite boring looking front cover and the fact that Paul Steel is a solo artist, I was expecting yet another James Blunt or James Morrison but I was extremely wrong. 'Your Loss' is a really good indie song that has a real Supergrass feel and sound about it, Paul’s vocals are really strong and everything else just fits in well.

It’s true what they say about don’t judge things until you have tried them or in this case heard them, as I wasn’t looking forward to listening to this single for the reasons stated above but I am glad I did because Paul Steel is a singer songwriter genius who has the potential to go far.


Review by Trigger
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Paul Steel - Band
Paul Steel (Guitars, Keys, Vox, Technology, Orchestral Arrangements, Production)
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1. Your Loss
2. Your Loss
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