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Nephwrack 0 By The LightNephwrack - By The light

Nephwrack are a Hampshire based quintet who play progressive yet still aggressive heavy metal and have been around for over six years now. The band have just released a new single titled 'By The Light'.

'By The Light' is an extremely interesting song, it opens up musically laid back with extremely fast and raw sounding vocals, but the more the song goes on the more it progresses. The chorus is particularly catchy and the guitar solo towards the end is breathtaking and really shows off the bands progressive side.

It’s good to see a British band releasing such an interesting track, it’s not the kind of track that is going to make Nephwrack your new favourite band but it’s the kind of track you will find yourselves wanting to listen to time and time again. Make sure you check them out at Bloodstock if you are attending.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Nephwrack - Band
Christian Francis(Vocals)
Ed Simmonds (Guitar, Vocals)
Lee Stray (Bass, Vocals)
Fuzz Pawling (Guitar)
Carl Lintott (Drums)
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