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Midas - Red ShoesMidas - Red Shoes

Midas are an up and coming five piece band from Stourbridge and people are already comparing them to bands such as Lostprophets, U2, Echo and The Bunnymen and Fall Out Boy and the only one I can really see them sounding like out of any of them bands is Fall Out Boy. To me the band bring in elements of Shiny Toy guns and Enter Shikari creating their own infectious electro indie sound.

'Red Shoes' is the bands second single release which they are hoping will follow on from the charting success of their debut single 'Don't Dance'. Midas write songs from their own experiences and 'Red Shoes' is a song about people who are dedicated follower's to fashion, giving a nodding wink to anyone who has ever gone out in a fabulous pair of shoes that rub your feet to hell. I’m sure we all know a few people who has been in that situation.

Musically 'Red shoes' is a well produced catchy song where lead vocalist Kris Lloyds vocals are quite raw and shouty and bassist Jake Mason comes in with more sing a long vocals, the drumming is constant and stands out, the guitar work is fast paced and the dance beats and synth sounds really boost the bands sound.

The b-side to the single 'Sirens' and is a lot more different from 'Red Shoes' with the way it is a straight up rocking song that doesn’t rely on synths to boost the sound, the vocals are more fast and more catchy as well, but I still prefer the sound of 'Red Shoes' over 'Sirens'.

If Midas can carry on writing song as good quality as these two, they will be on to good things. After just a couple of listens of 'Red Shoes' it will be going around your head for days to come. After listening to 'sirens' straight after you will realise Midas have a variety of sound and can write quality songs that sound different from the last. The band have already caught the eye of Shiny Toy Guns frontman Jeremy Dawson who have invited the band to do a couple of shows on their forthcoming UK tour.


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 Band Members
Midas - Band
Kris Lloyd (Lead Vocals,Guitar)
Lee Scott (Guitar)
Jake Mason (Bass,Vocals)
Rich Lloyd (Synth,Vocoder,Yelps)
Dave Mason (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. Red Shoes
2. Sirens
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