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Pull Tiger Tail - HurricanesPull Tiger Tail – Hurricanes

Pull Tiger Tail are a three piece from London who formed only two years ago, and their new release Hurricanes, isn't bad at all. A burst of indie pop that (perhaps thankfully) doesn't sound like everything else that's being given air time. Saying that, maybe it's also a good thing that more songs like this aren't being played. Undecided.

If Boykillboy and We Are Scientists started making unexciting music and then decided to mate, I think Pull Tiger Tail might in fact be their children, with happy songs about this and that, the occasional synth undertones and bright guitars that seem to contrast with a voice you could have heard a thousand times before.

This is the bands fourth single, and as previously stated, it's not bad. There's nothing that stands out and grabs you, but you don't feel compelled to turn it off or harm yourself. It floats along without really changing texture or pace and about four minutes later, ends.

Final verdict, quite average, sorry.

3 /5

Review by Thom
 Band Members
Pull Tiger Tail - Band
Marcus Ardere {Ratcliff} (guitar, keys, vocals)
Davo McKenzie McConville (bass, keys, vocals)
Jack Hamson (drums, vocals)
 Track Listing
1. Hurricanes
2. Light Turns Red
3. House Of Cards
4. Hurricanes
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