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Zerohour - The Divide Between UsZerohour - The Divide Between Us

Zerohour are a four piece political punk band hailing from Gloucestershire, they formed back in early 2006 and have spent most of their time touring locally and writing songs and have now finally got around to putting out their first cd which happens to be their self released ep 'The Divide Between Us' which features four punk rock songs.

'Take It All Back' opens up the ep with a fast assault of guitars constant drums and Jims old skool sounding raw vocals soon kick in with Grants shout along backing vocals popping up every now and again making the song very listenable indeed. 'Happy And Confused' is quite a happy upbeat sing a long song with such a catchy sing a long chorus that sticks in your head the more you listen to it. 'Arm In Arm' is another upbeat catchy sing a long song. 'He Rules The World' starts off sounding like it’s going to break into a ska song but actually turns out to be a mellow sounding political punk song.

'The Divide Between Us' is a good debut ep from Zerohour and is an ep that has found itself on repeat in my cd player for the last couple of days with each song sounding better and sticking in my head more after each listen. The UK punk scene has been rapidly dying since the emo scene broke through and the kids cared more about their image than the music, but with a healthy amount of good UK punk bands forming lets hope the UK punk scene can take off again better than before.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Zerohour - Band
Jim (Guitar, vocals)
Grant (Bass, Vocals)
Joe (Guitar, Vocals)
Chris (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. Take It All Back
2. Happy And Confused
3. Arm In Arm
4. He Rules The World
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