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The LVRS - Death Becomes HerThe LVRS - Death Becomes Her

This is the new album by The LVRS which is a side project for the two main members of the LA band 'My Ruin' featuring 'Tairrie B' doing the vocals/talking and 'Mick Murphy' providing the dark backing music.

The bands name The LVRS (Love, Violence, Religion and Sex) refears to topics thats allways on Tairries mind and that are mostly spoken about on this spoken-word album.

This album is a collection of tracks from the 2 previous self released cd's from the LVRS back catalogue 'The Murder Of Miss Hollywood' and 'Lola Burns' which were only avalible via the bands website untill now.

'Death Has Become Her' has a totaly unuiqe sound and you find your self stopping what you are doing to listen to 'Tairries' every word. Its not the kind of album your going to listen to loudly time and time again, but when your alone and in peace.

If your expecting something that sounds similer to 'My Ruin' you will be totaly dissapointed but im pretty sure hardcore 'MY Ruin' fans will totaly love this release as you get to hear 'Tarries' vocals in a totaly different way for 60 minutes and hear some dark tales.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
The LVRS - Band
Tairrie B - (Vocals)
Mick Murphy - (Backing Music)
 Track Listing
01. Deep In A Mood
02. Cement Garden
03. Truth of The City
04. When You're Dead
05. The Sum of Her Parts
06. The Girl with The Bee Stung Lips
07. Violently Sexy
08. A Day In The Life
09 What Lies Beneath
10. The First Time
11. The Romance Is Dead
12. Wordslinger
13. Laundry
14. Throat of Death
15. Lyman Place
16. Jesus Is A Rockstar
17. Beyond The Valley of Rock
18. Green Eyed Monster
19. Flesh And The Devil
20. Pretty Poison
21. Burning Grass
22. Sunset Beach
23. Lovers
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