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The Vincent Black Shadow - Fears In The WaterThe Vincent Black Shadow - Fears In The Water

The Vincent Black Shadow are a four-piece band from Vancouver Canada and are made up of Robbie Kirkham on guitars, Chris Kirkham on bass, Tony Kirkham on drums and Cassandra Ford on vocals plus a few guest musicians on keyboards throughout many songs on the album. The band has taken their name from Hunter S. Thompson book 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' where the mysterious motorcycle, The Vincent Black Shadow is mentioned. The bands debut album 'Fears in the Water' is just about to be released in the UK.

'Fears in the Water' opens up with the bands current UK release 'Metro' which is also the song that got me into the band and I’m sure once you hear it you will be hooked as well. 'Metro' is such an upbeat song with vocalist Cassandra Ford's powerful vocals sitting nicely above the classic keyboard sound that runs throughout the whole song. The song is totally full of energy and is so catchy that you will either be singing or humming along in no time.

Anthony Kirkham starts off 'Control' bashing his drums and soon after Cassandra's powerful vocals take the song away with Robbie Kirkham and Chris Kirkham popping up now and again with strong backing vocals giving the song an extra edge.

The introduction to 'Bullets on the Tracks' has to be one of the best introductions to a song I have heard in a long time making the song such a winner. 'Don’t Go Soft' is another great song and is the kind of song at gigs where people light up the air with their lighters and sway side to side to the mellow music being played. 'Valentine' features some stunning lyrics and is the kind of song you will find yourself listening to time and time again without it growing old. 'Broken' see's Cassandra's vocals sounding different than they do on most of the album and has such a big chorus that’s bound to stick in your head.

Some great keyboard work dominates on the poppy sounding 'The House Of Tasteful Men'. 'Surgery' has a bit of a dark introduction and is a song about people who are obsessed with plastic surgery. 'Ghost Train Out' is one of my favourite songs on the album with its mellow sing a long love song feel. An electronic sounding introduction opens up the albums title track 'Fear's In The Water' and the band come together and produce a great song with Rob's intense guitar playing, Chris's stunning bass lines, Anthony's drum bashing and cymbal smashing and Cassandra's eerie sounding vocals making up one of the most rocking tracks of the album.

To be fair it would have been easier for me to name and write about the bad songs on the album but if I did that I would have a blank review as the album is thirteen tracks and each one is as different and as good as the last. The Vincent Black Shadow has such a powerful, energetic and catchy sound unlike any band around at the moment and are taking the right steps towards success. Seriously go and buy this album, it’s most likely to amaze you and be sat in your cd player for months to come and if it doesn’t I would go to your doctor and check if you are alive.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
The Vincent Black Shadow - Band
Cassandra Ford (Vocals)
Rob Kirkham (Guitar)
Anthony Kirkham (Drums)
Chris Kirkham (Bass)
 Track Listing
1. Metro
2. Control
3. Bullet On The Track
4. Don't Go Soft
5. Valentine
6. Broken
7. House Of Tasteful Men
8. Surgery
9. Ghost Train Out
10. Fears In The Water
11. Dream
12. This Road Is Going Nowhere
13. Letters To No One
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