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The Maccabees - Precious TimeThe Maccabees - Precious Time

The Brighton based five piece, The Maccabees are gearing up to release their new single 'Precious Time' on the 30th April which is from the bands forthcoming album 'Colour It In' which is released mid May.

'Precious Time' is one of the most upbeat, fun, poppy indie songs I have heard in a long time and is a song that once it gets in your head stays there for a long time. The guitars are razor sharp and Orlandos vocals are stunning and stand out like a sore thumb, which makes The Maccabees one of the most interesting bands on the horizon at the moment. The song has a midway repetitive sing a long of "Lets. take. our. precious. time. about. it" which is just stunning.

The Maccabees are a great band that seem to get better and better with every single release and with a 13 track album just around the corner and constant tours the Maccabees are hopefully going to get the success they deserve. They are definitely one of the best indie bands around at the moment.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
The Maccabees - Band
Orlando Weeks (Vocals)
Hugo White (Guitar)
Felix White (Guitar, /Vocals)
Rupert Jarvis (Bass)
Robert Dylan Thomas (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. Precious Time
2. X Ray
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