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The Lounge Kittens  Sequins And C-Bombs 
The Lounge Kittens – Sequins And C-Bombs

The debut album from The Lounge Kittens has been a long time coming, the band formed back in 2012 and since then they have gone on to rework and cover many classic songs from within the alternative music scene and the reaction to their music has been outstanding which has seen the band to be booked to play major festivals such a Sonisphere, Download, Boardmasters, Graspop, Glastonbury whilst also supporting many bands on tour with the latest being Steel Panther on their ‘All You Can Eat’ tour which was a tour made in heaven for both bands and their fans.

Over the year The Lounge Kittens have put out a couple of EP’s and various singles but now the time has come for the band to release their debut album ‘Sequins And C-Bombs’ an album which has been surrounded in secrecy for so long with the band releasing one new video each month for the past couple of months as they slowly reveal the album track list whilst keeping the full 15 tracks secret until the past couple of weeks.

With ‘Sequins And C-Bombs’ The Lounge Kittens have gone for their most diverse offering yet as they rework songs from great artists such as Alice Cooper, System OF A Down, Toto, Drowning Pool, The Prodigy, Rammstein, The Offspring, Marilyn Manson, Metallica, AC/DC, The Darkness and a few other artists and like always they pretty much manage to pull off every song , staying true to the original but also making it their own at the same time.

The album opens with a cover of Alice Coopers ‘Poison’ a song which pretty much every one in the world knows and it is so good hearing The Lounge Kittens rework the song and put their own spin on it as everything from the keyboard playing to the three way harmonies from Jen, Zan and Timia are so spot on and within seconds the song will leave you with shivers down your spine or you singing-a-long word for word or maybe even both.

The cover of System Of A Down’s ‘Bounce’ is a fun offering, it is so different from the original version of the song yet just as bonkers as The Lounge Kittens strip the song down and totally rework it with their beautiful harmonies.

Towards the midway point of the album the girls take on the mammoth task of covering Toto’s ‘Africa’ and they actually nail the task pretty well as the manage to take such an epic song which let’s face it you have to have balls to even try and cover yet they do it and they do it well and maintain the catchiness of the song as you can help but sing-a-long.

‘Smack My Firestarter To Outer Space’ is a very clever offering as let’s face it covering songs from The Prodigy is not an easy offering especially when you are covering them vocally and not instrumentally as The Prodigy are well known for their soundscapes and rave beats yet The Lounge Kittens mange to recreate these songs in a way that I thought was impossible and I am sure the guys from The Prodigy will not be able to believe their ears once they hear the medley as it is truly outstanding.

Drowning Pools ‘Bodies’ is one of those songs that once played at an alternative club you can guarantee that you are going to get a packed dance floor with massive mosh pits kicking off and lots of head banging happening, The Lounge Kittens have reworked the song for their album and it works really well, it might not have the same impact as Drowning Pools own aggressive song but it still rocks.

One of my favourite tracks on the album is the cover of The Offsprings ‘Want You Bad’ as I am a massive  punk fan with The Offspring being one of my favourite bands and it is just so good to hear the girls tone down ‘Want You Bad’ whilst also maintaining the catchiness and also adding  a beautiful piano instrumental .

Towards the end of the album The Kittens do a Rammstein medley and it works really well as they cram in as much Rammstein as they can in 4minutes and before you know it you will be shouting out “Bang band” and “Du Hast” along with The Kittens.

The album comes to a close in an epic way with a rendition of Marilyn Manson’s ‘Beautiful People’.

AS mentioned above ‘Sequins And C-Bombs’ has been a  long time coming and is due for releases on the 16th September and once the album drops I can current fans of The Lounge Kittens smiling from ear to ear as they listen to the album and by the end of the year once the Kittens have completed their forthcoming headline UK tour I can see their fan base going through the roof as the bands unique talents get recognised by more and more people.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Jenny Deacon
Timia Gwendoline
Zan Lawther
 Track Listing
1. Poison
2. Bounce
3. Yeah
4. Jump Around
5. Love Is Only A Feeling
6. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
7. Africa
8. Smack My Firestarter To Outer Space
9. Bodies
10. Wants You Bad
11. Changes
12. Sad But True
13. Rammers Medley
14. The Cave
15. The Beautiful People
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