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With Confidence  Voldemort
With Confidence – Voldemort

With Confidence are a four piece pop-punk band from Sydney Australia and are one of the latest signings to Hopeless Records after inking a deal with the label back in January of this year and now six months on they have just released their debut album ‘Better Weather’ and are now set to release the single ‘Voldemort’ from that album’.

‘Voldemort’ is exactly what you would expect from a band signed to Hopeless Records in the way that it is a pure infectious summer pop-punk anthem, if you are having a bad day or the weather is getting you down then ‘Voldemort’ is sure to pick you up as it oozes in energy and will be stuck in your head for a long time due to its infectious nature.

I can see us seeing a lot more of With Confidence in the near future especially after how well they went down recently at the Slam Dunk Festival.


With Confidence Voldemort

Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Jayden Seeley
Inigo Del Carmen
Luke Rockets
Josh Brozzesi
 Track Listing
1. Voldemort
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