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Petrol Girls  Treading Water
Petrol Girls – Treading Water

Petrol Girls are a post hardcore band from South West London and if their latest single ‘Treading Water’ is anything to go by it is safe to say that this female fronted four piece have a lot to vent about.

‘Treading Water’ is a ferocious anthem which has Liepa Kuraitė screaming out about borders, violence, climate change and generally the stage of the world these days and the song fully comes to life when the duel vocals from Liepa and  Ren Aldridge of “I can't keep / My head My head up / Under They talk of / The waves Those who take / My hands And I have / Let go Nothing left / She's lost To give I / My love Having nothing / She's lost” come in and work really well as the angst shines in their voice as they shout along.

The band formed in 2013 for an international women’s day gig and have toured regularly throughout the UK ever since and I can only imagine the mayhem that unfolds around them when they play ‘Treading Water’ on the live circuit.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Liepa Kuraitė
Ren Aldridge
Joe York
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1. Treading Water
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